January 28, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Hixson

Week 17 - Getting Ready For A Transfer

Dear Everyone,
Ha well this week was pretty good, and fast too so i liked it. Alright where do i start? So um this week it actually snowed! haha and a good amount too. Its weird like i was expecting to come here and there would be tons of snow and... nothing. Apparently this winter is really hot and now its finally starting to get cold and snow so thats fun. But oh ya how are the winter olympics going? I decided to take another trip to the friendly neighborhood mcdonalds this week and the olympics were playing the whole time when i was there and that was awesome. I got to see some ski jumping going on over there. Also this week i was able to meet a new investigator. Its cool too because he is like 27 and has a job and doesnt smoke. Ha thats not common at all here and he also seems intrested about it all. So hopefully that keeps up and ya we can see how that will go. It was nice though too talking to a younger guy becaue there are a lot of eldery people here. I dont think i have seen so many in my life haha. Bless thier souls. So this week we did a lot of tracting. And i mean a lot haha. Funny story though.. So like last night we went out and and it was all icy because of the snow and ice and hills everywhere dont exactly make for the best walking but anyways my comp totally fell down and i was just dying laughing it was the best. And then to add to his wonderful night i chose a door for him to knock and he doesnt like dogs to much and there was like the most ferocious beast at the door and guess what.. i just started laughing againnn. Ahh that was a good sunday night! Oh ya something else cool happened this week! There was a straight up riot slash strike right by were i live! It was about some law for jobs and what not but it was huge and there were tonnnsss of police and army men there and i may or may not have walked on the side of it. But ya i got a couple of pics when i was further away from it so that was awesome. Well this is the last week for the first transfer out here! I cant believe how much of my training i have already finished.. half way done! So That was pretty much the week! Have a wonderful one yourselves and work work work. Do hard things! Love you all and be member missionaries this week! Help those missionaries out! Loves
Elder Lowis


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