December 30, 2013


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Hixson

Week 13 - In Serbia Now

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Date: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 3:17 AM
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Time to start the big email!! So this week was nice!! Ha it was Christmas for me how could it not be good?? So on pday last week i had quite the event happen to me and my comp. haha it was fun dont worry. So we went out to teach a lesson and got on a bus and it was like after 9 so we were trying to get home fast. Well we were on the bus and realized after a while we were the only ones on it and then realized it was the wrong bus. haha so here are two missionaries in the middle of center of serbia lost... hahah ya lets just say it was a fun adventure and we got back safe a sound maybe not on time but safe and sound. Ok another little thing about serbia... i have never heard so many car horns go off in my life. And its not like a little beep beep it a straight up beeeeeeeep for like 20 seconds. ya thats gotten really old already haha. But oh my christmas was the best here. First i got to go to one of the senior couples apartment and they made us french toast.. all we could eat like seriously it was delicious. Then after that we played some games and then went to the embassy family in our branch. Because of the fathers work he has to travel all over the world. But ya we got to call from his house and he made us a fantabulous lunch/dinner. Ahh it was soo good. But ya that was christmas for us and we heard lots of bombs and what not so it was good. Haha one more to go on jan 7!! Cant wait. Continuing on in the week sunday rolled around and apparently it was the primary program. haha now they have like 4 or 5 kids so it was so cute and they all had multiple parts. So cameron no complaining when you only have one ok?? haha ya i really miss working in primary but it was so fun on sunday. Also we teach english class here! its flippin fun but we only have two people that come regularly. Um i cant really think of anything else right now but it was way nice to talk with you and see your lovely faces!! I love you all and thanks for all you do for me. honestly especially right now i can feel it! So thanks love you all have a wonderful rest of the christmas season!

Love elder lowis


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