December 23, 2013


Zagreb, Croatia


Elder Hixson

Week 12 - 1st Letter From Croatia

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 3:26 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Hello From... haha i cant tell you where i am just yet. That would be no fun. So This week has been a very interesting week. haha dont worry though i am alive and well and out of this whole jetlag part. That first night i got to the rowes house i really dont think i have ever slept so good in my entire life. So that was totally amazing. Ya so i stayed at the Rowes house for two nights and that was super fun. That family is legit. So ya i had some delays at the airport and missed a flight but we got it all figured out and what not and i got to croatia at like 7 so we ate and then went to bed. but the second night i got to go out with the ap's and teach a lesson... haha lets just say i understood very little and the people talked super fast. haha but its ok ive even gotten a little better just in the first week here. hopefully it keeps on growing. but then lesson went well, we gave out a bom and she sounded interested and wanted to know more! But now comes the part where i get assigned to my area. so i got assigned tooooo a good place!! Although i got there and im not gonna lie it smelled like cow poop, dog poop, smoke, and unpleasant smells.. haha first impression. and im not even kidding when i say this at night it looks like gotham city. haha i bet some of the teachers that get this email already know where i am. But anyways I am in beograd, serbia!!! Sweet huh? Now legend tells that i had two amazing teachers there that rocked the place for about 8 months so hopfully i can mabey compare to them haha. The food here thought is awsome! I love it so much and im actually going to go out to eat today with the zone leaders so that will be chill. Ok so sunday was pretty fun actually. I really liked it because it was like a solid 2 hours of me hearing the language and trying to figure out what they were saying so that was good. And i passed the sacrament! haha it took like no time. the branch here is pretty small but ive heard there is smaller. And i got my first new investigator!! We were able to teach here about the bom after church and its awesome because she agrees with alot of what we teach and is very devout in here beliefs, which are pretty close to ours. hopefully that goes good! Oh and how could i forget.. The christmas party was awesome!! seriously sooo fun. I got to see the whole mission and that was fun because i saw some people from teh mtc that left before me. And i got a new tie from the party so that was sweet. Gosh im in this gaming room and there are a couple kids right across frome blowing smoke rings... not cool haha. if i get second hand smoke its def gonna be from here. Well um im pretty sure that is all for this week. Thanks for all your help and support it i absolutely love it! Last thing.. for mail i get it at every zone conference so that is about once a month so here is the adress if anyone wants.

Elder Brandon Lowis
Crkva Isusa Krista Svetaca Posljednijih Dana
Svacicev 3/1
1000 Zagreb
I think that is it and the papers of the mission address are at home so ya. Well i know this church is true! I know that its really hard to find people to share but there is nothing else i want to do right now. No matter how hard or how much of the language i dont know thats what i will do. I want people to feel how i feel about this gospel! Ok have a great Christmas and all everyone.. Have extra fun for me. Oh and i will probably be skyping at around 8 so be up!

Love elder lowis


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