December 13, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 10 - Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 6:53 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Hello hello!! Oh my this week was quite the week for our zone. Haha im not even kidding about half of our zone got sick.... :( I didnt though!! yay for me. But really like when we had all the new elders and sister come in, the very next day two elders got really sick and were quarantined somewhere else. And the the next day like three more elders got sick and some sister got sick. Ahh it was crazyyy. but i think the sickness has finally stopped spreading around so im safe i think. haha well hopefully i wouldnt want to fly for a looonngg time being sick. Oh ya this is the last time i will ever be emailing from the MTC. Exciting huh?? My comp was going to be leaving to bulgaria on tuesday then all of a sudden his flight plans got changed and he is going to be at the mtc for another week!! Bless his heart.. Ha ya its kinda crazy that i will be leaving so soon and how little of the language it seems like i know but i can take some hits ya know. haha and on tuesday we were privileged to here from quentin l cook! That was pretty cool like i really had no idea that apostle would be coming to speak, let alone someone from the 12! That was way cool and he and his wife talked to us that night. Last sunday we got to go on our temple walk but the temple was closed... soo we just hung out by the temple, some people had snow ball fights and what not but ya its pretty cold over here. It about anywhere from 0 to 10 degrees usually but ive gotten used to it. Oh ya. also this week we had the opportunity to hear from Sister ann madsen. She was in croatia alot and just came back from serving like a 3 month mission there. She is tight with the mission president and she is over 80 so thats why her last one was so short. She talked to us about croatia and everything, our mission president and how wonderful he is and showed us some pictures. Its going to be soo wonderful when i get there! Well today will probably be all a packing day for me so thats going to be fun. Getting all ready to goo. Um i think that is about all for this week.. hopefully i get to email next week idk but i will be looking forward to skyping with you!! Love you all and thanks for all the letter and stuff you have sent!

Love elder lowis


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