December 6, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 9 - Got Flight Plans, Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 11:37 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Heyy everyone! This week overall was just wonderful! And very busy but a good busy! So first i just have to say that TONIGHT I GET MY FLIGHT PLANS!!!!!! So later tonight probably around 9 i will e emailing you again and letting you know all that info and when i get to call you! Thats sooo exciting. And some more exciting news. So like tuesday or wednesday morning we woke up like a normal day walked out of the residence and there was snow! Lie 3 or 4 inches already. And then it snowed the whole day until like 8 at night! And it dropped like 20 degrees so now it has been about 10 to 15 degrees this whole week. That was way cool but also collld hahha. I will try and send some pics later today if i can. Ya that was way fun though. So this week we had about 20 new elders come to our zone!! Thats ALOT FOR OUR ZONE!!! we had 14 people befor they came. So on tuesday me and the other zone leader were able to pick up the 3 international missionaries that came. One of them is from Switzerland, another from Finland, and the last is from the Philippines. That was cool and ya they are pretty good guys. And then on wednesday i got to host all the new missionaries coming in the mtc. There were 700 new missionaries coming that day! It was alot let me tell you. Haha but it was so fun showing the people around and what not. Im definitely going to do it next week too. So ya that was like the main things that happened this week. Ok last thing for today! So earlier this week i went to the travel office just to check up with them.. And guess what!!? My fbi clearance is all done and ready for me to leave!!!!! AHHH that was such a good feeling so thankyou for helping with that! Alright I have to save some time though for later so i can email you about my flight plans. But ya im doing just awesome.. got one more pday in the mtc and im so excited to leave. I love you all and thanks for all you do for me! Each and everyone of you! Byeeee

Love elder lowis 


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