November 29, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 8 - Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 10:57 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Hey hey hey!! Well this week was just fabulous! And guess what!? I totally get my flight plans a week from today! haha i am going to be thinking about that like 24/7 the whole next week i know it. I am absolutely stoked to get out and be in EUROPE!! Its going to be legit. So this morning was nice. I didn't get to go to the temple because itwas closed down so i just had time to relax and do whatever i wanted to. So that was pretty nice. haha like all the people on the same floor as me just slept in till like nine. Such a wasteeee. haha Um how was thanksgiving? Did you tell everyone i said hi?? Thanksgiving was jsut wonderful here. ya it was different from the thanksgivings at home but i still liked it. We got the hear from elder russell m nelson in the morning and that was pretty sweet!! I got to sit like five rows from the front so i was pretty excited for that. he gave an awesome talk and that was nice. Um and i got to go to a service project thing for feeding hungry children around the world. I dont even know how many bags of food we filled but let me tell you it was alot!!! That was so fun to because i got to hangout with some new people and talk to them. A change from the regular people in my district. So serving and meeting new people was just totally fun. And then i got to watch and actual church movie before i went to bed. It was called Ephraims rescue and holy moly it was a good movie. I loved it soooo much. Um its kinda a lot like 17 miracles. So if you guys ever get bored of the 50 church movies we have go get that one its awesome. Ya so that was my thanksgiving day! And yes i did get to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and those were actually pretty good. And then the rest of my week was the same o same o. Nothing really new. But we have like half of our zone leaving on monday.. :( haha that will be sad but then on wednesday we have like 21 more missionaries coming in. Oh and guess what. I get to serve as zone leader for the rest of my stay at the mtc. Thats sweet because i get to pick up al the new missionaries and talk to them and show them around. i remember that first night and i though the zone leaders were like the coolest people ever and now i get to be that. So ya thats going to be fun. And on top of that the other zone leader i get to work with is elder jacobsen and he is legit. Like seriously we are just going to have so much fun working together. Um well that is pretty much all for this week. It was a nice relaxing week and i only have a couple more to go! Soo next week hopefully i will get my flight plans before i email but if i dont i will let you know at night when i can call home and what not. But have a good week and remember what you are tthankful for. I know sometimes it doesnt seem like we have much but i promise we have soooo much more than we really need. Be thankful for it and be happy!! I love you all and have a wonderful week!


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