October 18, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 1 - From Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Well hello everyone!This is so weird to think that i used to be the one reading all of these emails and now i get to be the one that is writing them. But i like it! So first of all my pday is every friday. So emails and everything, make sure you get them done before then. thanksss! My flight got delayed so i seriously sat in the airport for a good hour or two waiting to go but that was alright. The plane ride was short and fun and i tried to sleep but i didnt get any at all. And there were like 8 missionaries from arizona that were leaving and i got to fly with them. well as soon as i got to the mtc it was all rush rush rush. haha like no rest or anything, get my books, go to my room, and then go to class. Language class... lets just say that my teacher will only really speak croatian so i dont understand anything he says at all. But i do love it! Im learning so much and am figuring out some stuff here and there! Then we got to go to these classes and immediately start to teach some acting investigators with all the new people that got here. Oh yeah my district has 6 people, 4 elders and two sisters so its small but nice. and there is only four people in my class so thats kinda nice because we get to ask lots of questions and learn bettter. My teachers name is Bro Bell and he is so legit! He seriously reminds me alot of Jarom Rogers back home. But ya he just got back from his mission like 5 or 6 months ago so he still sorta has and accent and its sweet. Cant wait till i sound like that haha. Um yesterday the alarm clock went off and i seriously felt like i went to bed for an hour at most but i slept good so that was nice! the food here is pretty good and im eating as much as i can trust me!!! haha but ive heard that after a couple of weeks you get tired of it so we will see how that goes. But after breakfast we had study time, and more study time and more study time haha. its nice but like that probably when i am the most tired so sometimes i dont really concentrate on what im reading. Im getting better though dont worry! And then we got gym time after all that and ohhh man its fun! just to get out of the study time and go mess around feels so good! we had lunch after and then went to language class for another three hours and tried to learn the most i could! And im just learning croatian here so it not like all these different languages cuz let me tell you i seriously think that would be impossible! and i got to meet with the branch presidency last night. They talked with usand what not and then interviewed us about some stuff. And guess what!? Im totally district leader now! haha i dont really know what all to do but its cool i guess. This morning i got to go to the temple and do a session early in the morning! the provo temple is sooooo beautiful and i loved it!!! And the breakfast at the temple after.... So good! But ya that brings me to right now haha i love it here though i really do! Oh yeah my companion is so chill. His name is elder Dahneke and he is from a small town is Ohio but we definitely get along well and im def thankful for that! So ya i dont have much time left I love you guys!!! Tell everyone to email and write because i would love to hear from you! laterrrrr

Love Elder Lowis 


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