November 8, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 5 - Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 10:50 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Bok! haha hello everyone hows it going?? So this week was just wonderful! I wishh i had a card reader for my camera but i still dont.. sorrryyyy maybe next week i can send some pics hopefully. Well last sunday was fast sunday... haha i was super ready for dinner that night!!! but i loved it. For sacrament we just had a normal testimony meeting and there were some polish elders and sister in our district that left last monday. So they pretty much all bore testimony to us before they left. Its kinda hard to see people leave because you hang out with them all day every day and then they are gone. And becasue i start to get anxious to leave myself haha. But ya they are gone now and we have more elders leaving this monday. And there were croatian and bulgarian people!!! I made some good friend with a couple of the old croatian elders and hopefully i see them out in croatia or wherever i go because they were legit! Ahh im gonna miss them. And also on sunday we had mission conference where the mtc presidency talk to us. it was nice. And guess what!!? It totally started to snow here on sunday and monday. I was sweet nothing to much just a little bit of snow. There were like so many people that havent even seen snow and they were going crazy.. it was hilarious. And ya i hung out with jacob like all of sunday and loved it. It was so chill. Well throughout this week we have been learning more and more language and stuff. It definitely is hard but when i understand and can say it, it just makes my day. we have something called cases where depending on the way you use the word it changes then ending and what not so itss way confusing. But good too because it helps me learn more and thats waht i need. We have been practicing contacting with our teachers and ma jok it is hard and totally stretches me like crazy but im learning and its good. And it also feels amazing when your teacher says we are progesssing better than most. But ya im doing good with that. Soo i have like 3 more days of being district leader for my district so after i get released then i will have some relaxing sundaysss. Ill miss it but i think it will be nice to have a break. Also this week we got 7 new elders and 1 new sister that are going to poland in our branch so im officially not the new one here now!! Thats exciting. Um the days are fun and gym is just a blast. We have been playing basketball and volleyball alot and i totally look forward to that. Today has been nice as well! The temple is amazing as always and i love it. I love how much time i have to study here. I know that at home it was always easier to just sleep in and not read scrips or do something productive here. I cant even begin to explain how much i have learned from the scriptrues and pmg. everyday i have over and hour to just study and read and learn. I know that if i study and learn with the spirit, everyday i can feel that the bom is true, that joseph smith was the only person on the earth that could have translated that book. Throughout the scrips i can learn from every verse and feel the spirit everyday!! Why would i not want that? haha i love that book. One of the croatian elders told me to start reading the croatian bom everyday too. He said that President Hinckley said that if we have faith when we read it, that by the time we finish we will be fluent in the language. Soo this week i have decided to test this and start reading it everyday. I dont understand a lot right now but in the 6 chapters i have read i still feel that peace and comfort. Its amazing! READ YOUR SCRIPS EVERYDAY!! Please. haha even if its a verse a day. Just open them up. Thanks for all your emails and letters!! later 

Love Elder Lowis


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