November 1, 2013


Provo, Utah


Elder Hixson

Week 4 - At Mission Training Center Provo, Utah

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From: Brandon Scott Lowis <>

Date: Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 10:21 AM
To: Kerry Lowis <>

Well hello everyone! i have officially started my third week here at the mtc. its definitely getting better and im getting used to the schedule and everything and definitely being able to appreciate it more. soo last saturday was a pretty normal day. i had 6 hours of class and thats always just the best haha. But im not even lying like seriously i have THE BEST TEACHERS EVER!!! seriously i can totally joke around with them and like do all this stuff and have fun and then go straight to learning how to more effectively teach and then learning the language and grammar stuff so i love it! So sunday was fun too. I got to pass the sacrament during our meeting and that was chill. I missed doing that stuff and totally enjoyed it. and then we had priesthood and our district meeting. this was the first one that i was like in charge of so it was kinda scary having the branch president there watching me. But it went wonderful and he said i did good so that was good. that night i watched the joseph smith movie and it was fun. It kinda reminded me of how we used to always watch those church movies at home on sunday nights. So i cant really remember that much of what happened throughout the week. haha sorry its all just like soo much but kind of all the same so its hard to remember. on tuesday we had a devotional at night and i sat by jacob so that was fun. We got to tallk a lot and just hangout. I loved it. But the speaker just talked about his conversion story for his talk. he focused on how the members of the church really are important. he said that it was so hard to him to stay active when he was a teenager because he felt like no one at the church really cared that he was there. SO it is your duty to be loving and inviting to new converts. It can really help them in their progression in the church and its sooo easy for us to do! So do it! So ive had a lot of class this last week and i seriously learn so much! Like im not even kidding, those two years of german i took in highschool dont even compare with how much you learn here! Seriously in these past week i think i have already learned more croatian/ serbian than i have in the two years at school. And ya.... im kinda learning serbian too! haha its hard. But the grammer is the same so that helps. And ya i have had to learn the cyrilic (idk how to spell that sorry nathan) alphabet and guess what!? i just did it all in one night haha. So that helps but its still harder to read or sing in serbian because its jsut not croatian. But ill get better! um today i got to go to the temple again. I love that place. I absolutely love to be able to go every week! It is such a blessing and i know that temples are the house of the lord. Going there helps us so much (me especially i feel) and why do we only go like once a month or so??? There are people in my district ive talke to that say the closest temple is a two and half hour drive. and they would go AT LEAST once a month. So Go to the temple this week ok? or go do baptisms! it really is a help to us! oh ya thanks for helping with the fbi clearance that helps me out sooo much. i almost was going to start another one here but now that is has came i dont have to. and please keep me updated on how that working like if you have already sent it off and what not. But thanks again! I got to go out into the real world with someone in my district to get a money order for his clearance and that was so fun!! haha i really cant wait to get out but all the teachers say the day you leave the mtc is the day you miss it the most. Well thats about all for the week the gospel is true! Live it and i know it can only bless our lives. Smile!! Laugh a lot and have fun! laterrrr

Love Elder Lowis!


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