September 21, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 102

Hey Everyone!!

Where do I even start..?? This week was a just a week of "lasts" which was kind of hard for me. Its not fun at all to do something and then be like, well that is the last time I will do that on the mission. BUT I am still loving, serving, and working the best I can till the end comes. Hopefully it doesnt come too fast. I am also getting so excited for General Conference! I know it is still weeks away but I just cant wait to be able to watch some of it.

This week was my last Zone Conference. Man that was so weird. This conference was really good though, we basically talked more in depth about the easy simple things that will help investigators to progress. Prayer, reading from the Book of Mormon, keeping the Sabbath and so on. The prayer one was really cool though. during the conference we talked about the difference our investigators should understand between saying the prayers at the beginning/end of the lessons and their personal prayers. It was really cool giving example personal prayers for our investigators and showing them how personal it really should be! As investigators learn to do this a difference will be seen while we teach them, their relationship with God will continue to grow stronger with every visit. At the end of the conference of course its tradition that the leaving missionaries bear testimony. There were 5 of us, a bigger than normal number, that testified. It was weird in english, but I quickly got over that and it felt great testifying to my favorite zone in the mission right now :) Unfortunately it all quickly ended after a couple pictures and goodbye hugs.

Right after that I was headed off to Varaždin for my last exchange of the mission. This one was cool because I got to work with one of my trainees trainee haha. Varaždin is a really cool city too, it was my first time there and it was really green! It is right by the border of Slovenia so maybe that is why. We didnt have a lot planned out to do so I go to walk the streets of the city contacting! After the first day I had pretty much seen the whole proselyting area because it is such a small area. But it was really good talking and walking there with the people. We had a lesson with a sweet less active while we were together as well. This member has been a member for almost 10 years I think and she is sooo cool. She is just struggling with coming to church when there arent others coming as well. The branch there is pretty small, and being a member in it is not the easiest thing. These members here are strong in their faith and do wonderful things to help out the work. OH YEAH.. when I was there on the exchange I found a type writer and used that to write in my journal!!! It was seriously the coolest thing in the world!

After all that I returned home to Rijeka and got back into the normal work. We have some investigators that are having a hard time progressing and that is a little frustrating. We are still trying to help them. Our one investigator that had a baptismal date I heard was a little drunk when the elders visited him while I was in Varaždin. Sad. Other then that, we have been trying to find more people to teach and its going alright.

This last Sunday I also gave a talk for sacrament. I am trying to go for the record of speaking the most times in a row during sacrament meeting. Right now Im at 3 with a testimony before them all. So in totall I have spoken the last 4 weeks in a row :) ha who knows maybe next week I will be up there again. This one I gave on sunday was about the sabbath day. This day is amazing, we are so blessed to have a day like this. As commanded, we are to keep it holy. Sometimes I wonder how hard it is for people to actually do that. I remembered one talk for last general conference that talked about this. How everything we do on the this holy day, we send a sign to God. What kind of a sign are we sending to him, which sign did he get this last Sunday? With this in mind our choices for the activities of that day should be as clear as day. I really am thankful for this day, the privilege of partaking of the sacrament and coming to church!

Well I think that was all for this week. The weeks are passing and all is going well! I love you all and hope the best for you. Enjoy the week!!

Love Elder Lowis


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