September 7, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 100

Hey Fam!!
Today is actually going to be pretty fun for us! We get to have like a super pday and we are going to a neighboring city called pula and they have some great sights. Because of that, I won't have that much time for this emailing thing.
But about this week.. We got some more investigators! Good news right?? We are still talking with our one investigator Jozo. Honestly I have never met someone so script in the bible, he knows it like 100 times better than me, but its ok because we just learn together. We have met a couple times this week, talked about the plan of salvation and he just has been having tons of questions and those have basically been the basis of our lessons. He is still really cool with us, a funny old guy too :) He even came to church yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. For right now though, all is going well with him.
Also this week we found a cool new guy to teach, a new one. These past weeks all the apartment buildings around us have been being remodeled and the same construction crew has been doing them all. But this week one of the guys on his break came and talked with us, and told us that we were working for the wrong church but then we keep talking and became friends. Everytime we see him working up 10 stories above us he says high to us like good ol friends. We actually havent met formally, but we have good contact with him and it will go well.
Last guy to talk about though.. In varazdin, another city by zagreb there was a good investigator that moved here to rijeka for a job! He actually had a baptismal date before and now we get to teach him. He has a couple things to clear up but now we are going to be able to work with him too. Overall working with these investigators has been a blessing this week and being a missionary like always is just so rewarding!
funny little side note.. one night this week a car down the road just blew up.. haha seriously burst into flames. Right now its just a black burnt smelly car that i pass every morning as I go out to work.
We are becoming such good friends with filip's dad. He didnt want anything with the church be we are slowly getting in. We were invited over to his place to watch the basketball game... hahah he knows all the rules and just feels bad for us he says. But on friday there was a game and he made some burgers and brought two to us at like 930 :) It was a good meal before bed!
I think thats about all!! I gotta go and drive us all to pula so until next week :) Love you all, have a good week. Be examples, share and show your love!
Elder Lowis
P.S. If I don't reply to any of you emails, sorry.


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