August 17, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 98

Bok Svima!!

This week was a good interesting week for us, it went by pretty fast due to zone conference, getting new mini missionaries in the district and the people from the temple trip returning. It was a fun one too!

This Saturday we all went to Zagreb for zone conference. I seriously have the best zone in the mission, probably because it is all of Croatia :) There are a lot of missionaries that I was with in the past and I got to see them all, quite the fun time I guess I would say. The conference itself was uplifting and had a HUGE surprise for all the missionaries. All of the members that went to the temple in Frankfurt were returning to Zagreb right in the middle of the conference!! They got here and President told us to go greet them all and to talk with them a little bit. I got to see members from my first area ever and members that I just haven't seen in too long. There were kids that went to do baptisms and it was fun seeing how much they have grown since ive been away from them. It made me think of the changes that everyone at home will have made.. haha I dont know if I will be ableto handle all of that!

After zone conference two sisters from sremska, a small town in serbia, came to rijeka to serve their mini mission for two weeks. They are pretty cool and hopefully with the other sisters here they will be albe to learn and maybe even prepare to go on missions of there own. So far they have only been here for 2 days and theyre happy!

Church was good this week too. We didnt have as many members as I would have wished for but it was still a really good meeting. Two of the speakers were Filip and another sister who just got baptized a week before them! Brand new and already giving some great talks. Filip acutally forgot that he had a talk and when they announced he was speaking he didnt know really what to do. Then I told him just go up and talk about the temple trip he went on.. So with out any notes or anything he went up and talked about the trip, and how it helped him for about 10 min! It was great! In his talk he kept saying how great it felt there, he said everyone was so happy, the peace he felt was so strong, and that he can't wait to go back next time. He brought me a little poscard of the temple too and wrote one of his favorite scriputres on the back and I was so happy to get that little gift. The temple really made an impact on him and he is progressing in the gospel!! After church we had a member from an island a little ways off come to be ordained to a teacher. He went to the temple trip too and after church he asked me if I could do that for him. That was good for me, I got to know him a little more and then we ordained him to be a teacher. He to is excited to serve a mission and go back to the temple.

Other than that the week was about the same. It rained a little and still is raining today so we got a good amount of tracting done this week. We are still searching for more investigators and hoping for the best. I miss you all, and love you too! Have a good week and enjoy work and school!!

Elder Lowis


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