August 10, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 97

Ok. Hey Everyone! This last week has been great, just like every week on the mission. I'm still baffled how fast the time is going by. Every Pday I feel like I have told you everything that happened already but it was all just from the week before! This week we have Branch Conference for Rijeka and even though it was a lot of work it went perfectly!! Sunday was a really special day for me too, cool things happened that ill explain shortly :)

Actually I'll just tell the whole Sunday because I really liked it. Here we go.. That morning, President and Sister Grant were coming because of the conference and they got there a little early. They called while we were studying asking about parking and stuff and then it was done, we would see them in like 30 min or something. Then a minute later they were like, just kidding we have time, lets come have a surprise apartment check!! Little do they know that im like the cleanest elder hahahaha. Really though we had just deep cleaned the apartment at the beginning of the transfer so it was all good ;) After that we went to church and enjoyed sacrament and the talks. One of the talks was about the atonement and repentance and there was one thing that I really liked. The speaker talked about how pain will never come from repentance.. It only comes because of our sins. Joy and peace are the fruits of repentance. When we dwell on our faults, sins, and other things we are faced the wrong way. We aren't turned toward Christ and we aren't focusing our thoughts on him. I know this gift is amazing, it washed away completely our downfalls and enables us to become better. Then the best parts of the day!! Filip got the Aronic Priesthood!!!!!!!! It was such a good experience to be able to do that. Seriously to see these people you love progress brings incredible happiness. That english probably doesn't make sense but you all get it :) On top of that, our temple trip for the mission started!! Filip and two other members went after the conference to Zagreb with President where they would then catch the bus to Frankfurt. Filip is amazing, really! I pray that there he will strongly feel the spirit and want it more and more. How good of a sunday was that though?? Haha it really has been a good week.

Well I just gave the best for first I guess.. sorry. Not a lot else happened, this was the first week with my new companion. His name is Elder Cox, well Cox 2 for me because I already served with a Cox before haha. He is pretty young in the mission and from Montana and so far its going alright. We have been contacting a lot and walking the streets, love it.

AHHH wait how could I forget?? Last Monday I got to go to Serbia and see my favorite family in the mission!! It has been too long since I have seen the whole family so going there was great. Its actually the family of the two mini missionaries that came to Rijeka to serve. We went and talked, they made a great meal for us and it was just so great seeing them. They are preparing to go to the temple so we taught them a lesson and to see the progression they are making just makes me so happy again. I will miss them like crazy!

I think that about sums up the week. It really was enjoyable and hopefully the rest are just like that! Well I love you all, and hope the best! Enjoy whats left of summer :)
Elder Lowis

The picture is my fav family from Serbia who I haven't seen for... I don't know, too long :)
Senior Coulpe Morgans, Liljana, Elder Ewell, David, Me, Andrej, Dusan with Elder Radovanovic and the dog luna at the bottom.


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