July 27, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 95

Hey everyone,

This week was just great!! It really started off successful too... We had a baptism!!! Our investigator Filip got baptized Tuesday night and it was just amazing.

Tuesday was a busy day though ha, I think that how it is with all the baptismal days. Just so many things to get ready and in order to make sure it all goes as planned. In the morning we went there and finished filling up the font. The water, like always, was freezing. I still don't quite understand how the water is so cold when its really hot outside.. But it was fine. We had the baptism at 5 that night because he was going to have training for boxing starting that week every night except Sunday so it was in the middle of the week but it all worked out. Filip came over to the church at like 3:30 and helped us set up the rest and even make so good deserts for it. President came and attended the meeting and it was great to see him too. At the end after Filips baptism he talked for a while about baptism and continuing on the path, receiving the priesthood and going to the temple. And even after all that its still not done. The baptism itself was great, I haven't felt more spiritual times in my mission then getting all dressed up in white, being with one of the friends you have taught the gospel and then helping them recieve the ordinance of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. These experiences are indescribable! Filip bore powerfully testimony at the end of it all, he had been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and has felt strength from that to change the way he lives. In fact he has already almost finished it and its been about a month since he has had it.. That book is a blessing to us all.

Unfortunately after the baptism we had to say goodbye to the mini missionaries. It has been so fun serving with them and it was definitely hard for us to say goodbye. Secretly I packed some of my ties to give to them and was going to surprise them but before I could give them one they both gave me a tie.. they were sneakier than me. I still was able to give them a tie and now as the end of the mission comes closer I realize that almost all the ties I brought from home are gone! Being put to good use :) We gave our last hugs, took some pictures and then off they were with President to go home.

The rest of the week we were out contacting on the street. We didn't have too much success this week, the work will always go on though. One of my favorite contacts this week was two 26 year olds just sitting by the pier along the sea. We didn't even see them there at first because a little bridge was blocking them but apparently they saw us and when we were coming back called us out to come over. We walked over to them and they asked if we could have a chat about life and religion and we said of course why not? Later we found out that they were from Denmark and were hitch hiking though Europe with nothing really at all.. Actually they looked homeless but they were soo cool. They sat and drank their wine and smoked a couple cigarettes as we taught them the restoration and a lot of other things.. We were teaching in english and it was so weird, I had to like think of how to do that because very rarely does that happen. They were so sincere about everything and wanting to learn, unfortunately they had to get home for 2 days so we didn't see them again. They promised to look up our website and if they ever saw missionaries again in Denmark they would talk to them. I felt happy, and successful. I really felt that we did all we could with them and that the Lord would take care of the rest.

Sunday came around and Filip came to church for his conformation. That as well was just a great experience for the branch in Rijeka and the missionaries. My companion got to do that and although the language is still a struggle for him the blessing went great and spirit was present in the room. The members are getting excited, in this transfer they have seen 3 baptisms and conformations and they don't want it to stop. I don't either, I haven't seen such success my whole mission. We are truly blessed to be here! I got to teach priesthood as well and that went great. We talked about a conference talk from Elder Cook, called Spiritual Whirlwinds. There are so many things in this world that can blow us off our foundation.. But with the Book of Mormon, Prophets and Temples our foundation which is built upon Chirst will be 10 times stronger than any of the winds that could come! I know that to be true, we can prepare now for the future and be ready to stand strong.

Transfers are coming up this week, It will be the last one of my mission. Im pretty sure I will stay here in Rijeka and get a new companion but who knows. Whatever happens I have one more transfer to serve and I am excited for that!

Have a good week and enjoy!

Elder Lowis


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