July 13, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 93

Good Morning Everyone!!
Today I would like to start with some great quotes from the mini missionaries that are always trying to learn and speak english, they just crack me up too much :)

Lets go peach the gospel!
Slušaj (Listen) Grandma
Do you prefer old people or early ones??
Hip Hop Hooray!
Have you ever had skinny blue hair?

This week at the beginning we had a meeting at Presidents house and he was just showing us all the data and stuff for the mission. How we are doing and just stuff like that. We made plans to go to all the districts and make goals with all of them to get back on track and hit our yearly goals that we made as a mission. So this week I also got to go to karlovac a city about 40 min from zagreb and make goals with them. I really was good to just be able to talk with them about the missionary work, to make goals and get them pumped up.

That last one is really great because to say the someone is blonde, in the language they just say blue hahah
Anyways this week was actually really busy but lucky I have a nice P day now to relax a little bit. To start off, we had a baptism!!!!!!! The eternal investigator that we were joking with about getting baptized took it seriously and got baptized. It was really cool, she had already been like an active member, coming to church and paying tithing and all of that so when we did that, and told the sister they had an investigator on date they taught her for a couple of weeks and now she got baptized. She wanted President Grant to baptize her and so we got to go to Zagreb where they actually have a font in the church. It was really something special. We worried a little that she would back out the day of but she was ready for it all and did it! We are so proud of her. The next day she got the gift of the Holy Ghost from one of the past senior couples and she was just so happy. She said so many times that she was just to scared when It was all happening but after all was said and done, you could tell she was just to calm and filled with the spirit. That was definitely a good experience though for me to see as well! I love baptisms!!!

To add on top of all of that we had an investigator that has a baptismal date for the 21st of July! I really don't know how all this is happening, Rijeka has been taking off ever since I came here, It is great. This guy is 16 though, and a professional boxer. For his age and weight class he is number one in croatia and travels the world every once in a while to go to competitions.He has been to America a couple of times now and he is just such a good guy. He lives in the same building as us, and has known the missionaries for a good year at least and we just asked him to come to church and learn and he said alright sure :) So ever since then we have been teaching him, praying with him and reading the scriptures like everyother day. I really think he will be ready and is already making good friends with one of the members here. Its all going great. In fact the last lesson we had with him yesterday was about tithes and fast offerings and at the end of the lesson he said he understood and would live by these laws. He even offered to pay fast offerings for this month! Cool huh??

I think that was about all for the week though.. I am so happy to be a part of this work, the Lord's work right now. I have been seeing so many blessings from working, I cant express my gratitude! I Love the Lord, I love the gospel, I am so happy living like this and don't ever want to change. Live the gospel and you be blessed in all aspects of your life. That I know for sure. I love you all, have fun this week!!

Love Elder Lowis


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