July 3, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 91

Heyyy Everyone!
This has just been a crazy couple weeks.. really though. I don't really remember everything that have happened the last week and a half but ill try to remember the best little parts.
First, I don't know if I said this from the last email.. but the mini missionaries are finally hear!! After delays of getting passports and other stuff like that I got to go pick them up last Wednesday and Thursday. It was really cool too because that meant that I was able to see the whole serbian zone at there zone conference because that was when they came. I got to see old friends and most of all some of the senior couples that I had in the past, That was seriously the coolest thing ever!
I was also on exchange with one of the new missionaries that is serving in Karlovac. He has only abeen out for three months and it was really fun to be with him, it reminded me a lot of serving with the greenies right when they come back and I do miss that a lot. It was fun though and we found some cool guy that we just sat with for about a half hour and taught him about our church. Sadly though the rest of the transfer I was driving around and doing business stuff.. Overall it was good though.
This week I also got to have a meeting with President and the departing missionaries in my group. It was a little surprise, and the first time that president had ever done a meeting like this. It was fun to see the whole group I came out with and we had fun catching up on good times. We basically got to talk real with President Grant and the mission as a whole. To get feedback and give advice for the mission and future missionaries and we as a group learned a lot.
The rest of the week, or however long it has been was good. I really don't have time today to email, i want to try and get to all of your personal emails so this one is really short. Sorry, love you all though. Keep being great.
Elder Lowis


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