June 15, 2015


Rijeka, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 89

This week was great ha, we had a ton of stuff to do so it went by really fast! But I also have some good things to tell you all, but before I forget we have a weird schedule coming up for the zone with will switch a couple things in the following weeks. So just fyi I won't be emailing at all on Monday the 29th, instead we will be having a pday on friday the 4th so don't expect anything. I know that is far away too but we are just supposed to inform you.
Now for the week! Like I said last pday I had a meeting in Zagreb from Monday to Tuesday. That was fun and we just talked about the mission and goals and stuff like that. One of the cool things was that I also got to see other elders from all around which I hadn't seen forever. Also Monday morning we got to have like a good scripture study with president in the morning. Of course the food was sooo great there!
After the meeting on Tuesday I just stayed there in Zagreb for another two day exchange. I was there for 4 days which was really fun. I love that city, I can remember at the beginning of my mission I never really wanted to serve there but man was I wrong haha. I would love to be there! On the exchange though I met one super cool family. They actually live in America for a while and they had a daughter that was born there so she knew perfect english and even had that nice accent I haven't heard for a while. But they got referred to the elders there, which is really unusual, and then we went and visited with them and had an awesome lesson! The young daughter was the one that was most interested but her mom sent the referral, and in the lesson she said that she had been thinking a lot about religion. She then went on to say that she had been praying for guidance on what to do and then we came! Perfect timing right?? She is so cool, the daughter.. just our age and looking for some guidance. I wish I could still work there with her but unfortunately thats probably the only time I will see her. But I really hope the best for her. Also while we were there we contacted some sweet people. One of the goals that the elders in zagreb made was to find a rockstar ha, and while I was there we contacted some guy that teaches guitar professionally and let us talk to him on the street for like 20 min. He was awesome!
As for Rijeka everything is still going good, well as good as it can. We are still working hard with one of our investigators who wants to get baptized. We are trying to get him to stop smoking and he is having a hard time with that. So keep praying for him please, he is definitely making progress just hasn't completely stopped. We also met his wife this week and are hoping to keep teaching her. She doesn't know english or croatian.. just portuguese. But in the process of working with her, we are re activating a less active girl our age that also knows portuguese so that they can be friends!! It is really awesome to see how everything can and will work out. We had no idea what we would do but its all going good and now our investigators wife will be able to have a friend at church, someone to talk with. The rest of the week was spent finding.. we haven't had the best success but we're still going strong.
This last Sunday I was able to speak in church! Ha it has only been two sundays here in Rijeka and I have taught or gave a talk both times so I'm half hoping that I can just do something every week :) I reminds me a little bit of Podgorica!
Last thing, well little surprise. Actually it a big surprise which I don't know how will work out. But tomorrow my companion and I will be split up for I think 5 weeks of something like that. We are going to have two mini missionaries coming from serbia to serve with us. We both know the boys coming since we both served in Belgrade so it will be fun and hopefully we can see a lot of success with them! Its a little weird since we have just been getting used to each other but we will all be in the same apartment and I'll go back with my normal comp after the minis go home.
I think that is about all for this week, Im doing great and working hard out here. You all do the same! :)
Elder Lowis


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