May 25, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 86

Dear Everyone,
This week started out a little slow but it was really cool at the end of the week!! I got a couple of surprises come up this last weekend and that was the besst.
This last Friday we had Zone Training and that day.. it was long. We woke up a little before 5 and had to catch a bus to Zagreb. It was about a four hour ride and then we arrived just in time to be seated for the training right before it started. The layout of this one was really cool though. It was very relaxed and president had a lot of time to just answer questoins, it was just like a question answer session and he does so good with them its unbeliveable. His wife took sometime to go over the dress standards and then we talked about having family home evening with people when we are tracting. To use that as a way to get in a have a good little time with some future families that we will be tracting into. We even played some family home evening games as a zone to practice what to play with them when we get there. After that President asked if he could meet with me and so I got to have an interview with him. It was really good, we talked a lot about my comp and then after ours he interviewed my comp too. We were too late to catch the bus home so president told us to come sleep at his place for the night and so of course I said we would go! Little did I know that 4 elders from the bosnian zone, some members from bosnia and zadar would also be there! It was so good to see all of them together and to be able to hang out with them for the night, and of course to have an awesome dinner made by Sister Grant.

The next day was even better!! So Krešimir Ćosić is a pretty famous guy that lived here, he was the first mormon in this area and gave up playing in the nba so that he could be a missionary where he lived. But anyways this week, or around this time was the time that he died, he was in his high foirties and had some sort of cancer. We had a memorial for him, basketball tournaments, and a conference at the church. There weren't supposed to be any missionaries there except for the ones serving in zagreb, but since we were already there President asked us to stay the day and help out.. It was a dream comp true!! First in the morning we went to the stadium and watched teams from the four contries here play eachother. Slovenia wrecked haha and then bosnia took second with crotia in thrid and then serbia last. It was way cool and inbetween the games me and some missoinaries were in charge of the free throw contest and that was way fun. For the women, the lady that won was from Montenegro and she came and said hi and we talked and got some pictures. Good times. At the end of the day we went to the church and had the conference with goverment official and really big people here and got to talk and listen to them. Finally and the end of the night we rode back with the senior couple, It was a really fun weekend though! Oh ya and after the game for lunch slash dinner the top floor of mcdonalds was rented out for us... :)

Whatelse happened this week?? We had a good lesson yesterday with our investigator. He came ot the park by the church and we talked for a little and then went to the church and talked some more there. He is really cool and said that he loves talking with us because he can be so open haha he said that he would never want to ask a question to the pastor of someone there because they would probably just get mad. So we talked for a while and he loved it. He really doesn't want to make a big commitment with God like baptism right now, but hey at least he understands what it means so that when it happens it will mean a lot to him. Little by little we are getting somewhere and he is learning.

Other than that I dont really know what else to say. Soon we will be moving a member again and transfers are coming up :) I love it here, its all I could ask for and more. Its officialy summer now!! Crazy.. ha do fun things and and email me now that you have more time haha. Love you all and take care.
Elder Lowis


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