May 4, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 83 Having Fun In The Garden

Ahh I don't have that much time but I tried to get back to all of you that emailed me so hopefully Im ok. Don't worry if I'm still not up to par I'm going to send some pictures today of the district working in the garden so then It will all be great.

Reall quick update of the week though. This week we were able to have a lesson with one of our investigators after church and it was pretty good. Wait back up, so in the afternoon we took Marko the recent member with us out to some village to find someone and were succesful at finding the place but he wasn't there so ya. But after that we went back to the church and he was like what are you doing the rest of the day and I told him we have a lesson with an investigator and then hinted for him to stay and help us and he was like ya sure I'll stay! We had a good member present lesson though and he was able to testify strongly how his life has been blessed and it was great!

That was really the highlight of the week, as for other things.. the garden is doing good, it rained and now we have tons of little sprouts! We also had prvi mai this week with is a huge holiday here where everyone is off work and goes to bbq somewhere by the river or just outside. Its cool and next week we are going to have another branch bbq that will be for that and the garden.

That was really about all the high lights of the week, we have been out working hard and contacting a lot. Well I look forward to skyping with yall, have a good week and and be happy!
Elder Lowis


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