April 20, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 81

Bok bok!
The mission is great, it really is and I love it a lot. I don't know why I'm starting this little letter like that but as the time continues to fly I just realize how much I love it and will miss it! This week was good though, the only bad thing like usual is that it flys by like none other!

Update time!
So this week we were able to meet up with some guy we contacted on the street. He is sweet and we met up in the park right next to the church. He brought his girlfriend to to listen and as we were walking up to them my comp was like uhh this is awkward. His girlfriend had green hair and was a perfect rocker looking girl ha. But we talked about the BoM a lot with them. He always thought people were dumb for thinking that God would only give us a Bible and then say bye and not talk to us anymore. We did have a great talking session and we are going to meet up with him next week, unfortunatley I have to leave on exchange but hopefully he does good!

Another cool thing that happened. So this Sunday Marko the recent convert came to church early so he could learn how to bless the sacrament. I taught him and he thought he was ready to do it so i got to bless with him! I was really cool to have a native with me instead of just having the missionaries do it all the time. He is progressing, and is such a stud. This week he is working from 10 at night to 6 in the morning everyday and he came to chruch instead of sleeping enough so he wouldn't be dead ha. I love that guy.

This week we had zone training with the two zones in Croatia so I got to see every single missoinary in the country of Croatia! I got to see my first trainee Elder Pantelakis and some other friends that I had dearly missed. It was a big conference there were about 40 elders and sisters there, definitely the biggest one I had ever been too. But my favorite part of the whole conference was the part that president had at the beginning. Every time he has like and hour to just talk and teach and this time he talked with us about the spirit vs. the flesh. Man it was really good. He used scriptures from 2 Nefi 2 and just continued to teach me more and more. One of my favorite parts of his discourse I guess you could say was him showing a chart and making some analagies and I want to try and explain them so you can too understand. So there is a box with four inside, like four square :) On the left side you have ungodly and Godly for the titles and at the top you have natural and spiritual. So at first you cant be ungodly and spiritual it just doesn't work like that so x that one out. The next box that we have is ungodly and natural and that isn't really fun, we don't want to be there. Relating that to missionary work that would just be someone that doesnt have desire towork and doesnt work at all. After that we have Godly but natural. Relating this to missionary work, we have natural desires like we dont want to go out and teach or contact the whole day but we do because that is what is expected of us. And the last one is being godly and spiritual! That is the best and hardest one, where we have the desires to work and to really work and we dont just do it because we know we have to but because its all we want to do. See we can't just jump from being ungodly and natural to Godly and spiritual, it doesn't work like that. He gave another analagy i want to share to better explain. Say you hate liver, you can't just all of a sudden change to like it but what if someone told you how you could love it. He said eat it three times a day for every meal and then I will give you this speacial pill and you will love it so much, you will just crave it everyday. That won't be easy haha, I konw that for sure. But its like that for us, if we are to change our desires from following the flesh to the spirit we have to follow this outline. We have to ignore the flesh and follow the spirit and then take that pill which is prayer to help us change. Ah it was just so good and I wish I could just copy and paste his thing but I can't ha. The last thing that I thought of from that was like and Idian quote idk. Its like this though, there are two wolves inside of you constantly fighting and the one that wins is the one that you feed! This is all so true, our flesh and our spirit are at war all the time. A lot of the times we allow the spirit to win, but the out of habit or something else we let the flesh get control. This subject it so important! Once we can learn how to master this, to crave those spiritual desires and wants, we will progress. How wonderfull will that be? I know that this is true that when we weaken our flesh we are truly happy, there is nothing else to it. Maybe that is why I love the mission so much, the spirit is strong here. I do feel it!

I think that is all this week, I really have enjoyed it! next week I will be in zagreb again for about half of it so I will hopefully have some fun adventures to tell! I love you all, and enjoy life! Its really wonderful!
Elder Lowis


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