April 13, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 80 - Doing the Work

Hm. I have some explaining to do today haha. So I have to get on a bus today that goes to Zagreb for the Zone Conference tomorrow.. The bus leaves in a couple hours and I have to change and get everthing ready to go so I reall don't have that much time to email unfortunately.. :(

But I will give a quick summary of the week, and the cool things that happened! First, this week we were working with one of our English student to make a resume and apply for jobs. We made 7 applications for him within two days and it was a lot of work. We still have some to do but hopefully we get it all figured out. He is planning to move to Ireland and try to get a job there. A lot of people are tired of working in Croatia, or not working at all, and getting paid like nothing. We have been helping him though and soon he should be able to get his ticket and start a new life over there in Ireland! The even cooler thing was something I heard from him. One of my investigators/ english students from my last areas was doing the same thing as this guy. We helped him with a resume and I just heard this week that he got a job and he is working and super happy! He said he was surprised how fast he got a job but he deserved it. I remember asking how he was going to do it and he shared a quote with me.. It goes something like this ˝If you don't have a job where you are working 8 hours a day, then be searching for a job 8 hours a day˝. So he did it, I was so happy for him when I heard. He also said if he sees missionaries there he will talk to them once, not take lessons again, but talk and have a good time ha..Hopefully this english student of can do the same as him with a job!

Also this week we were contacting a lot and still looking for more investigators. The couple investigators we have are great but just are scared to progress and have to make changes with there lives so ya. We found this guy though named slobodan that is a hard core rocker ha. He has a sweet mohawk and says he is pentocastal and just loves to play his guitar really loud :) But he is really cool and we talked about the restoration with him. We are going to meet up with im next week after conference so we will see how good that will go!

We had a great activity this Friday as well! There were way more people that I ever expected and man was It fun. At the end we all watched this short video that talked about families. It showed different familes having fun and singing the family primary song, I don't remember what it is called but it was so good. One guy even started crying and lets just say you wouldn't ever expect this guy to ha. But its really so great, this gift, with all the many other gifts we have one earth, help us soo much. I don't know what life would be like without a family, I don't want to know but I am so thankful for it. I really am!

Last thing.. Im almost finished with Conference completely! This Sunday we were able to watch half of the Priesthood Session and it was really cool because the Talk from M. Russell Ballard was like personally for missionaries. It was so good and I loved it and learned lots from it for sure! I also re watched the talk by Elder Renlund and LOVE that talk. Keep on trying, we can never stop!! With the atonement we can not have failure, we can not stop and we will have the chance to try and try again. I Love that!!!

I think that will have to be all for this week, I hope you all are still doing well. I love you all soo much! Love
Elder Lowis


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