April 6, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 79 New Comp., Easter, General Conference

This week was pretty cool, but kinda a little boring... :( We had transfers right after last p day and now I am with my new companion! He is just a little energizer bunny ha, he has so much energy and Im learning how to cope with it all. We went running this week and I ran him good ha, and he did have a little less energy so I think we wil keep doing that! But its going alright with him, we are both learning and trying our best.

This week though we had a fun activity. We got together with the members well some of them and some investigators one friday and were able to dye eggs. It was actually really fun, and we had a ton of eggs that were boiled and not as many people as we expected so I dyed like 5 eggs just by myself! I did one of the Croatian flag and one like a missionary theme one and those were really cool. We just used crayons and they workd suprisingly good. We also got to watch the new because of him with the people and those just always bring the spirit everytime we watch it ha and I have seen it about 5 times now I think.

Ya so like I said, honestly this week was a little boring though. We have been working with our recent convert Marko a little bit and just tring to find more people. Marko though is still doing awesome, it was really funny because this last sunday he had wanted to know if he could get a tag like us.He even dresses up in a suit or at least a shirt and tie every time he comes to see us. But ya nfortunately I had to tell him no about the tag for now but before I leave he will have one.. It'll be one of mine but hey its still a tag :) The few investigators we had just weren't really progressing at all so we decided to let them be and try and find more people. So we were out on the streets a lot this week. I have been trying to figure out how to work and contact good with my new companion and it has been going alright. We unfortunately didn't find any really good new investigators but we are still going forward and being patient. This week though for one of the ways we contacted we tried to give out the paper thats called the Living Christ. It was actually successful. People were willing to take it and read and that was good. We even invited people to come to General Conference and so hopefully we will see a couple new people at the chruch building to hear the good word.

Alright, that unfortunately about all for this week. We did get to watch some of General Conference though!! What I did get to watch though was great! They talked a lot about marriage, more than I had ever heard. Just goes to show how important that is. Oh funny note about that... Marko our convert was being taught about marriage from us and he aske me, am I sinning right now since Im not married?? I kinda laughed and them remembered that was rude and said, no marko, you don't have to be married right now! It was just funny but it also showed me how badly he wanted to be obedient his fullest potential. If only we could all be like that, striving to live everything we learn and wanted to learn more so we can be even more obedient. Man I just can't say enough about him!

Back to General Conference though.. So I loved it. alot. I got to watch it all in Croatian, that was kind of hard for me but I understood but still just want to watch it sometime in english. It was funny because I would listen and then when I would write notes it english its just got my whole mind going crazy, I have to work on writing in english and still being able to understand the talks ha. I even just took some croatian notes on accident :) Some of the talks I loved were the ones by Dale G. Renlund, Sister Burton, and Elder Holland. Ah there are always talks that just get me good and the one by Elder Renlund was the one for me. I took notes till about half way through and then just stopped, listened and then circled his name big to go back and watch again. I also remember one of the talks, I dont really remember who, how I was having a hardtime concentrating.. I was late at night I was ready for bed and it was a really fast translater. But I wrote in my notebook, I dont understand everthing, I dont even know what the topic is but what I do know is that I feel the spirit, I feel peace. Thats what I remembered most from that session, I didn't need to be anywhere else but there and I was so happy there. I know that we have heard the words of the Lord in the last couple days, and how happy, uplifted, and prepared for the next months to come. I love Easter, becuse of it my life is changed, and will continue to be. I will be resurrected just like him no matter what. That gift only pushes me harder and harder to do all that I can to be like him. And because of him I can.

This week was good as I look back at it. Im really thankful to be out here, and I will be so sad when its all over.Thats allfor the week though, love you all like crazy! Love,
Elder Lowis


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