March 30, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 78

Bok bok svima!

Alright I totally forgot that last week I didn't wrap up my email. See I usually write everthing that happens, write a couple other emails and them see if I remember anything else to add. But I did't remember anything else and I just didn't finish haha. That was pretty much the end of the email so don't worry you didn't miss out on anything else!

Well the big news came this week for transfers and i will be getting a new companion! It exciting but a little scary and the same time. And I have just been flying through companions left and right with transfers and fixing emergency transfers but its fun ha. So my new companion is from Alaska and right now he is serving with Elder Hixon, my bud from AZ to.. But I got a call a couple days before the announcement was made from President Grant. We talked for a bit about the transfers and he asked some of my opinions and then asked if I could serve with Elder Bolan the one that I will be getting tomorrow. This Elder has a couple problems, he has like major add and just a couple other problems and needs to be helped a lot. But of course I told him I could do it, I'll do whatever he wants so for the next transfer, it might be a little bit harder, but it will be a good learning expirience.

Other things that happened this week.. We had some more lessons with Marko this week since we have to finish up his new convert lessons pretty quick. He has been called to be the branch misison leader so we have been trying to get all the stuff done so he can be the best leader he can. He is still going really strong. I don't know if I told you this last week but he hasn't had a job and is taking care of his mother with his little brother and its hard for them. The don't have lots of income so they have been making do with what they have. But last week we saw him on the street and stopped to say hi and he was like guys guess what, I found a job where I can work 8 hours a day 6 days a week now. Its like just cleaning tiles and ceilings but its a job and will keep him busy. He was so happy and he said that he had been praying for help and it came, just like that! It was good though he didn't expect anything so good as this and realized it was a big miracle that he had now expirienced in his life. So he is going right along and working good with hes job. This sunday was daylight saving and a lot of people didn't know including him but if it hadn't have changed he would have even been to church 15 minutes early! He is a stud and even if he is tired and worked like crazy he will still be here at church. Also we had another lesson with Bozo this week and he had finished the BoM for the who knows how manyeth time ha so we read one of the questions of the soul from Preach my Gospel. We read about the question: Does there exist a God? So that was good and he testified at the end to us that he knows that God exist and is helping him each and everyday of his life. He is a good old little man and I do love talking with him once a week. That was about it with the successes for lessons this week though.

This Sunday was fun though, it was definitely a weird feeling Sunday. I can remember back home when we would get home from chruch we would have races to see who could get off there church clothes the fastest and eat lunch ha. Thats almost exactly how it was this Sunday! We got a call from one of the members asking if she could help her move. She has been having just a tough life put in front of her but she is taking it like a champ. She is like 20 or so, got married and just had a kid, and then her husband kicked her out of his apartment they are seperated, she moved into a diff apartment and the land lord didn't want babies there so she got kicked out of that one and had to be out by tomorrow. She found another one luckily and we moved her all that day!! It was a lot of work and we got really dirty but she was so happy that we were able to help. I keep being amazed at how strong some of these people are here, they get knocked down to the ground here, pretty hard to and then just brush themselves off and keep going asking for help when they can't on there own. Its the exact replica for us too, there are going to be times where the world is going to knock us down. I can remember from the rocky movies that quote that is like the world isn't all sunshine and roses, it will knock you to the ground and beat you but it doesn't matter how hard you get beat its about how hard you get up and keep going. That is what some people here do! And also what we need to do, the greatest thing is that the Lord will always be there to pick us up when no one else can. There is no problem big enough for him to fix and there never will be. Call on him and he will respond. I know that to be true, I have seen it this week!!

Well other that all of that, I think that that was all for this week. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Watch the new video on the lds website its pretty cool and if you haven't seen the one from last year watch that too! I love you all, hope you have a good week and I'll talk to you later!
Elder Lowis


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