March 23, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Baptism Week - 77

Hey everyone, don't worry I have time today so I can email and then hopefully get back to all your other emails too :)
This week was awesome though, a lot has happened and a ton of good stuff too so this week will be a good email! I'll save the best for last though because thats just how it all works.

Ok so first the beginning of the week was just wild.. ha we are supposed to have a transfer in a week from today so two weeks from last week when everything was going down, and we had an emergency transfer in some other city in croatia that just affected some of us as well but its all godd, we are all set and ready for the next one to see what will happen next week.

This week we met with one of the investigators that has been around for a while, I don't know how long but a long time. We just read from the Book of Mormon because as a branch we have been reading it all together. Its pretty cool too because in sacrament someone gives like a 5 minute talk about what everyone should have been reading for the last week. But we talked about it and we are at the end in Moroni and read. Sometimes i wonder why it takes so long for people to decide but he just doesn't want to be pushed he says so we aren't pushing him. He is a good guy and hopefully he will come through soon.

Ya and we had a baptism! :) So this was definitely the highlight of the week so it will be the longest section of my email. I'll start from the beginning.. So we met him from english class and he has just progressing like crazy, like as fast as he could pretty much, definitely a miracle. He had been taught everything and accepted everthing and then the interview went great, ha he passed it with flying colors. The rest of the week from friday to Sunday was just crazy with trying to get everything put together before it all went down. We got a new font too, so we had to figure out how to set it up as well, and there were no instructions ha. Me and my comp figured it all out though and finally by friday night it was up and with a little bit of water in it. Its really cool though, its pretty much just a little pool that is rectangular and we use it for baptisms. Ok one day done.. Ha saturday was just as fun. We got up in the morning and went right to the church to continue with all the prepartion for the baptism. We pretty much filled up the font with the rest of the water we needed and then came another problem ha... The water was just all yellow looking and not super clean. After we finished we went to a pool shop and got one of the guys to come look at it haha cool huh, he came from work real quick just to look at it. He just said that it was still healty and fine just that it had like iron in it because of the old water system and the pipes. We just figured we would leave it and Marko was ok with it when he came to see how it looked so we were all happy. After that we had to make some dessert for after the baptism so my comp is pretty good wit all this stuff and he made cinnamon rolls and I got to help a little. They turned out really good at the end too. On top of that there was going to be a meeting with the Croatia Branch presisency and all the leaders were supposed to be there. Our Senior couple doesn't really like computers and all that so we had to help out too. But finally at the end of the night we had the baptismal service. It was a long day but today was going to end good. Baptisms are my favorite thing hands down to do out here and he asked me to be the one to baptize him. It was really so cool, I won't forget it at all. We got all ready in our white clothes and I sat by him and we listened to the first talk and then it was tiime for us. The water was nice and cold and we both got in and I said you ready? He took a deep breath and said yup! It was really a great expirience, we came out and listened to the last talk about the Holy Ghost and then the branch presidnet bore testimony, he called me up to translate for him and as I did Marko started to tear up. Ha I had never seen him cry yet and when I saw him tear up a little I was just happy for him, I don't think I loved translating more then in that moment! But that was the night, definitely unforgettable ha I can remeber some nights in highschool where I would have so much fun and I would be like ahh im never going to forget this night, but guess what I have forgotten a lot of them. But I can say with sureness I will not forget this, there isn't a small chance I will!

That Sunday was great too. My companion got asked to confirm him a member and give him the Holy Ghost and he did such a good job. He has been out for like 6 months now almost and did such a good job, I was toatally proud of him. The rest of church went good to, we had some members from the district presidency there and that was nice to have them there. Oh ya I forgot one thing from yesterday too, Markos little brother came to the baptism and he was way cool. He has 18 years and we told him he has to come play ping pong with us this week and then learn a little about us so hopefully that goes good and we could get the brothers working together! Hmm what else happened..?


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