March 9, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week -75

Ok.. I feel bad because too often I say I don't really have that much time to email and I don't send long detailed emails about my week so I'm sorry everyone but again today I don't have a lot of time :(

I give you a quick update and then try better next week to email you all a good one! First my favorite thing of the week.. So there is this primary aged girl I think like 11 named Laura in the branch that doesn't come to church to much. Her mom comes and her dad never does so she is on and off. But one thing I noticed about her was that I had never seen her smile before. Just straight face, how are you doing, good, kinda talk ya know? I made a goal and told my companions, that was when I had three at the time, that one goal for this transfer is to make Laura smile ;) Ha and I meant it, that was a real goal. Long story short after a couple failed attempts, this week I was successful!! We had a branch party for the birthdays and she came and it was boring, everyone was leaving, even her mom left but she stayed. We were just sitting and I was talking with her and she said she was bored and I was like.. Lets play a game. And we did, a couple people came and she had so much fun and smiled and I was the happiest person that day, It was great!
Also this week we met a former investigator and talked with him. He was a partier and just wasn't accepting the gospel and commandments when he was learning so he got lost. But we met and he said he is changing his life, he feels good when he is here and wants to change. He told me it will be hard, his family has been catholic for ages and it will be hard to change but we are going to work with him.
Other than that it was a pretty normal week, it is going well and I love and miss you all! Next week I'll try to have a better email next week but I love you all and have a good week!
Elder Lowis


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