February 23, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 73 Just Doing the Work in Zadar

Well unfortunately I dont have all the time in the world today :( This week, we found out that there is going to be some changes with our little tiro companionship. President called during the week and explained that a mini missionary was coming into the mission on monday and that because of that another elder would come to this city and work with one of us making everything even! So that was cool and because of all that we have to travel and all that fun stuff today.

But I still have time to give a little update for the week. So this Friday we were able to meet with a less active that I heard used to be a really strong member. We had called and called and got nothing and finally got the senior couple to come with us to her place to see if she could meet. Sure enough we got there and she was right outside chopping some wood for the heater in her place. It was kinda funny because I got out of the car and said hi and asked if I could help and she was like who are you and no I dont want help.. Nice little greeting I guess you could say ha. But after she saw that I was a missionary and the others came out of the car then she got really excited and said hi and told us all to come in for a while. We had a great lesson with her though, It was really good because I had practiced with the two young elders about leading the lesson and they did that this time with her. And it was great! I got put on keep the young grandson with tons of toys quite patrol and translating to the senior couple.. I thought I was going to be boring for me but the whole lesson I was talking with her a ton, and then trying to remember what I said to translate haha its pretty hard. But she told us about her neighbor who needs help, like spiritual help and she said she really wants to see him come to church. She didnt come this week to church because I poured in the morning so hopefully next week she comes!!

Another cool thing ha. So for english class we have an advanced class and beginning. Two students from the advanced class came to the beginning one just for fun and one even brought another friend who knows english really good too. After class they asked if we could play games for a while and thats not always the most productive thing to do, but we didn't have any lessons planned so I said we could play a gospel based game ;) hahah they were like ya ok whatever so we made gospel words like atonement, revelation, ponder, and repentance and other stuff and played! It was so fun and two of them just started asking questions and I was like alright look you have great questions, we teach you everything and answer your questions in a lesson! So now we get to teach two english students more! It was really fun and we found new investigators out of it.

But those were probably the two most exciting things for this week, hope you all have fun and exciting weeks as well! Love you allllll

Elder Lowis


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