February 17, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 72 - More of Zadar

Bok Everyone!!

Ha now since im in Croatia I can say the work bok for hi! Its really weird and Im still trying to get used to it and I think Im almost there ha. So this week generally was pretty good, Im enjoying the work here and Zadar and doing what I can.

So at the beginning of the last week we had a branch party. There were three birthdays this month so we got everyone together one night and had a party and cake, It was so fun and its really great to actually have some branch to do something with :) But anyways we got to perform a little skit with the couple primary kids and it was so fun. I read the script for them and they acted out falling in a hole, calling for help, and then someone coming and bringing a latter down for them to climb out. It was awesome, I just love primary too much. And then we just played some good old fashion musical chairs, ate cake and then went home for the night. It was really something cool.

The next day though, we got to go to Rijeka!! For Zone Conference of course, but it was a nice 3 hour car ride there. This zone is really small compared to the serbia one ha it felt really weird. We kinda spent our time talking about progressing investigators, how we can get that and then what it really means to be a progressing investigator. It was funny too because now I guess Im put in the older category of the mission and President at the zone meeting always would just call on me out of no where to answer questions ha. I started keeping a tally just for fun to see how many times he would call on me or mention me or just make jokes about me. But it was good, a whole day thing and then we went back home to zadar, the long ride back.

Um what elseee?? Oh ya so at english class on Thursday, we had 6 new people come.. haha ya that like doubled our class and it was pretty cool! All because one student that we had become cool with invited some other people, now our class is pretty big. It was just fun to because we could actually have like group games and stuff like that going on. And It wasn't all grandmas there too haha.

This week we also had a pretty good lesson with a member named Sanja. She is amazing, has a pretty decent family, her husband doesn't want anything to do with the church and she is just so strong. We have a third generation member her because of that family.. cool huh?? But we had a good lesson with her on the first presidency message, about testimony and conversion. We started talking with her and she hadn't even read it and was just teaching us about it pretty much, she was just amazing. It was just really cool to talk with her about conversion. Its really just a process that will go on for our whole life, ya there can be moments of change where we say we are converted now but being more and more converted will take the whole life. The lesson was cool, I really need to pay more attention to that, conversion, to try to be more converted to the gospel so I can help others convert as well.

Last thing before I wrap this one up. So this week that had like Valentines Day and there Halloween.. Weird huh. It was like Saturday and Sunday, one was Valintines and the next one people were dressing up in costumes walking all over the city. But here they dont ask for candy.. :( Ha but it was cute to see all the little kids in costumes, I saw some people that dressed up like the guys from the movie dumb and dumber and they even made there car look like the car in the movie. Ha it was pretty funny. Other than that, Im think it was just a good week. Nothing to special but it was fun. Well I love and miss you all, hope everything is going well and that Valentines Day was fun! Enjoy the week and share the gospel!! Love
Elder Lowis


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