February 9, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 71 - In Zadar, Croatia

Hey everyone!
Well again unfortunately I dont have that much time.. The internet cafe was closed so we are just sharing the computers at the church so ya. But hey at least I get to send a little bit here and there right??

So this week.. It wasn't actually too eventful so I guess its ok that I dont have a lot of time. Sometimes weeks just go by and you know you did stuff but it just all blends together, ya this week was kinda one of those weeks. We did a lot of contacting and that was fun. Its kinda hard when I can walk along the sea where there are boats docked on the shore and know that I cant get in haha jk its really beautiful though just walking and talking to people enjoying the day. Oh ya there is also one way cool thing that we saw this week, Its called the Sea Organ! It works of the wind and makes noises, like music, from the wind and that is really cool. But ya this week a lot of our lessons were just falling through so we were out on the streets walking and talking. The funnest part of missionary work ha.

But one of the lessons we had now.. So we had a good lesson with Anica, she is a less active. We had the senior couple there to and as great as it is there it was crazy because i got put into translating the whole lesson ha. It was so funny because switching from english to croatian and back doesn't always work in my mind so I end up saying croatian things to the senior couple and english things to the member but we all had a good laugh when that happened. Anyways we went over and talked about her testimony of Christ and it went really good, one of the questions that helped her understand more and really feel the spirit was what can she do this week to strengthen her testimony.. and she stoped and thought and then said that she really wants to be more sincere, because people here aren't. it was great thought and its fun meeting all the members! She also herds sheep for her job and hound a little toy elephant and gave that to me ha. It was awesome.

So chruch was good, i was actually supposed to speak but one of the members talked for almost forty minutes and the other missionary for like ten so I got off the hook till next week. But church was really cool this week. We have a full three hour time now so in priesthood we didnt have anyone to teach but the senior couple Elder Peterson taught. Now he has been a seminary teacher for idk a long time haha. And he gave an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation.. I remember thinking, this is what I teach people, how can I be learning more and more but I was!! I learned so much and realized how much I missed like seminary and gospel classes and how much I really want to go to institute and keep learning. Its amazing, I just want to learn it all!

Last of all, I got to do a little family history! Sister Peterson loves it and took a little time last pday to show me how to do it because everyone always asks here and i dont know that much but now I started to learn!

Ahh im running low on time but I love the gospel. I want you all to know that, I really am thankful for the Plan of our Father, its wonderful and I want to follow it as closely as possible. Love you all and hope all is going all right!! Love
Elder Lowis

PS You all are the best emailers ever!! I got a great amount today so thanks for making pday the best!! :)


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