February 2, 2015


Zadar, Croatia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 70 - Transfer to Zadar, Croatia

Heyy Everyone!

Well unfortunately i dont have a lot of time and this computer hasn't seen the year 2000 so this one might have to be shorter than usual.
Goodbyes are never fun and i don't know if they will ever be but saying goodbye from home (Podgorica) was too hard for me. Its all over now, and im in the city of zadar! its pretty cool here, im about a ten minute walk to the sea and the area is great. Im with two companions right now which is a little unusual and hard but we are making it work. They are both only two months out in the field so im still learning patience haha guess I didn't learn enough from the last 4 months but its fun.

There is a great branch here!! Ha its really fun going from a small small branch to a good sized one, not saying i didn't like podgorica branch, I loved it! Now i just have people to associate with and all that and getting to know people here is fun. I already have a couple good friends in this branch and its exciting to be a part of their lives. Well I might as well tell you about church this sunday while im here ha. So on sunday we had fast and testimony meeting! I went up to bear testimony and it was a little funny how much i stumbled trying to use their accent and different words. I got through fine but I realized that its going to take time to get used to how they talk after living in basically serbia land for a year. After sacrament meeting I got to help with the primary!!!! :) My favorite thing ever haha. There was just two little girls and I got to go translate and sing songs with them.. definitely a highlight for the week. Church was really good, Im excited to keep coming and helping these people out in the upcoming weeks.

Also real quick about an investigator of ours. She is just the cutest lady ever ha. So she had been tracted into a week before I came and wasn't super interested and kinda turned the elders down a little bit. But the one elder that stayed here said he wanted to visit her so we did and she let us in! We talked and talked and she has been having a hard time because her only daughter died two years ago. It was a little werid too because we were there the day it happened, just two years later. But I talked with her and comforted her and she was like thanks thanks for helping me, I need to help you, you know what, I will be your grandma here in Zadar :) ha so now I already have a grandma. That wasn't even the cool part though, just out of no where I invited her to come to chruch and she said yes and then she came for an hour! It was great!

Last of all, the english class I had here was pretty fun. Ha it was the advanced class and the other elders where like oh no what are we going to do?? I kinda laughed a litttle and said dont worry we can play games all hour and learn at the same time! They didn't really agree but we did and had an awesome class! The elder that was here before said that he had never seen some of the english students laugh so much, It was great!!

But thats about all for this week, sorry its short but im having a good time here and doing well! Hope all yall are doing good!
Elder Lowis


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