January 19, 2015


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 68 Enjoying the Work

This week was totally awesome, full of surprises and just fun thing to do. And of course it was definitely successful! I dont even know where to start..

Alright the first cool thing that I want to talk about was our great Talent Show!! Last Friday we put together a little talent show that was a little late for the christmas/ new years holidays but it was the coolest thing, Ill try to send some pictures. Anyways it was really stressful getting it all together but last minute it all came together. We had a good amount of people and acts as well going from juggling (my compaion), singing, guitar, poetry, photography and last but not least, a sweet dance that me and my first trainee did together! Yup, we planned out a dance and performed first and everyone was laughing and having a good time. Also while we were there after the talent show, my favorite kids in the whole country asked when we were going to play soccer and I told them we will for sure in a couple weeks since they are on bread and then the youngest boy just came up and hugged me! It was the cutest thing ever and I really can't wait to go play with them.

The next day was really cool too. It was Elder Hixons birthday and all of our cool investigators slash english students wanted to do something with him. So we planned a road trip to Kotor for the day and all got to be with them. It cool to because the drive up was about 2 hours maybe and we had them trapped in the cars to teach them more about he gospel.. haha just kidding but we really did have good talks on the way there and back. But a couple cool things that happened, we got to see the coast and while we were there we found clams with some cool shells.. Oh ya another story ha. So one of our friends, Snezana, which is also an investigator was walking with us when we found these clams and we wanted to take them but they were wet and not super clean and we were trying to figure out how to keep them in our back packs.. And she looks at us and in her alright english just was like, good thing I came to be your moms for 10 min and pulls out some wet wipe things for us to wrap them in. These people are seriously the coolest people in the country, definitely in the top ten friends I have made on my mission.

Also in Wednesday this week we were able to put an investigator on baptismal date!! Ha didn't want you all to just think I was partying on the coast the whole week so I had to mention that ha jkjk. But it was really cool, we were able to meet up with him two days last week and we taught him about the restoration and the plan of salvation. He is always so happy to meet and hear our lessons and says he just feels happy with us. After the first lesson though we put him on date and then went home and figured all the roadblocks ahead and how we would get past them. One of those was smoking so we decided that after this week we would have to teach him the word of wisdom right away. The coolest thing happened though on Friday, we had our lesson and afterward he was going to come to the talent show but he said, I have to go outside for a smoke, I need to quit this someday though. !!! I was like what in the world is going on?? Can he read my mind or something, but Im really excited for him, he already wants to stop and we haven't even taught him anything. But ya that was probably the biggest success of the week.

Now for the shocking news!! So also along with elder Hixon having his birthday, he became illegal and couldn't get a visa here so had to get emergency transfered to another country.. So because of that some people got affected and I was one of them. It wasn't big, Im still in podgorica but i had to move to the other apartment that I was first in when I came here and Im with my first trainee again! Crazy huh? But its cool, a little sad though because I won't be able to teach some of those investigators that were progressing but thats ok. So for now im in a different apartment with an old comp and transfer calls come in a week, next week could be pretty interesting too!

Ok last thing for the week. Sunday was a good day for us, a lot of packing for me but church was good too! We had some other humanitarian couple from germany for the week here so we had some more people at chruch this week. I got to give a talk in chruch too and I just talked about prayer and how lucky we are to pray whenever we want. It really is a privilege! We, our imperfect selves get to communicate with the most powerful and all knowing person, our Heavenly Father. He hears and answers and I am truly greatful for that. After church our friends came for one last goodbye with Elder Hixon and it was the best. I dont think I ever want to have to leave just because saying goodbye would really be the hardest thing ever. Its just great and I was talking about it all with him before he left and we were just so suprised that all the dumb people, those that we dont really like.. they didn't even matter because of the friendship and love we have for our five friends here is ten times stronger.

Im pretty sure that about finishes up the week though! Thanks for all the email, they are always welcome ;) ha have good weeks and count your blessings. Loves to you all,
Elder Lowis


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