December 29, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 65 A Great Christmas

Hey Family and Everyone else!!

This week was just amazing! We did some way fun stuff during the week and of course Christmas was the best.

On Tuesday we got to play basketball with one of our new investigators. He is huge, and pretty good at basketball and was dunking on us but it was still way fun. It was in a small area and everyone like knew each other so when some of his friends would pass he would tell them to come play with these americans so we played and played and played some more. But the cooler thing was that at the end when we were all played out we sat down with him and gave him a Book of Mormon and explained it to him. It was pretty funny because he knows english alright and all he said after we gave it to him was, thanks i am really happy now. So hopefully we can keep on track with that and see how it progresses.

Now, time for Christmas! Well actually Christmas Eve.. So at night on Christmas Eve we all decided to make some time to get a couple gifts for each other, but in secret. So we switched companions, and switched again until we got it all figured out. Everyone was pretty much covered except I still hadn't got something for one of the elders. So I thought and thought a little, i had to think real fast because it was already late, and came up with the sweetest idea. The Elder that I was hadn't got a present for never could find a belt that matched with the cool shoes he had had for a while now. So long story short, he and his companion where at the church and he went to the bathroom, I got there key to the their apartment for his companion, ran there, grabbed one of his shoes, ran back and got the key back in time before he finished :) and that was only phase one. Ha the I looked in all these shops pulling out the shoe to try and get a belt to match it good enough and after about 5 we were pretty sure we got the one. So then we bought it and wrapped it up for Christmas and wow that was the funnest christmas shopping I think I had done for a while.

So then Christmas we had the day off duty! And I got to talk to you all! That was really fun and I loved it dearly, like always that is just the best Christmas present ever. In the morning on Christmas though we all got together and opened up the gift we got for each other and the rest. We also went to the mall here and looked around to see if some sweet sales were going on. One of the other better parts was that we got to eat lunch with the senior couple and it was delicious! Seriously I wanted to have another stomach so I could keep eating. The member here also came and we talked with him for a little on his lunch break, we even sang jingle bells because he knew it in English. Oh he loved that and was singing the loudest out of everyone in the apartment. The rest of the night was skyping with you. But after that I got to go home and end the day well, kinda having a little personal christmas you could say. It was nice to just be able to sit down right before bed, to read from the scriptures and think of how thankful I am. To read the story of Christ, to love it even more, that was a great way to finish off the day.

On Sunday we had a pretty good experience too. The new member came early to church to learn how to prepare and pass the sacrament. We were able to teach him how it goes, why we do it like we do and he just did an amazing job! It just make me so happy to see that, to see him progress when really it is so hard for him. He is doing it though and he is happy for sure.

But I think that pretty much sums up this week. It really was a good one, the last full week of the year.. Time has flown and it keeps on going. Im happy for the new year, the resolutions, everything. I hope your Christmas was just as enjoyable and have a wonderful week and a happy new year!!
Love Elder Lowis


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