December 15, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 63

Brandon Scott Lowis
Dec 15 (7 days ago)

Hey Everyone! So this week was actually pretty fun and we did some way chill stuff. We are getting more and more excited for Christmas and continuing the work down here in Podgorica.

First things first, this week we had a zone conference in Belgrade and so we got to travel again. Its pretty funny because every time I see president Grant he always makes some joke about getting the frequent flyer discount yet or counting all my miles ha. In the zone conference Sister Grant talked a lot about the articles of faith and how we can use those better. Also we each got a challenge to learn them all in the language and we are hopefully going to do one a week! Other than that we just practiced a lot and I got to meet more people in the mission because there are some many that have come in the last two transfers that i don't even know.

Also this week, like usual we have been out talking to tons of people. Sometimes its a little hard and maybe boring but one day this week was just awesome. Sooo Story time ha. We were out contacting kinda far away in like a no where land because people are way more relaxed there and more open to listen. But were were walking and there was this basketball court like on the side of the road surrounded by forest/ field and some guy playing basketball. This guy was huge, over 6 foot for sure, and was dunking as we walked by. My companion was like lets go play and talk with him and then I asked, "are you even good at basketball" haha we hadn't played so I never knew but he was like well Im not really bad. So were kept walking and I got a phone call, took it and thought as I was talking how I would talk to this giant guy. But right after i had hung up the phone the answer arrived... the basketball coming hard off the rim and rolling right towards me :) haha we talked of course and played a little ball and his friend came by and they told us that we could come back next week, play some more and then teach them. It was way fun and stuff like that which makes my day the best!

Alright, now on to my favorite part of the week! This weekend, we hung out with one of our investigators and went and chopped down a tree for Christmas. We met up in the afternoon and luckily enough the day was sunny with no chance possible of rain haha. And walked, and walked and walked some more until we were somewhere I had never seen and in a forest. It was so beautiful and just made me want to camp so bad. But we went out, chopped down our little christmas tree and took some good pictures while we were there. Hopefully I have time to attach some in this email because they are great. It was really one of the funnest days with our investigators.

Last thing of the email.. So I played this sweet new game called banana grams, its like speed scrabble pretty much and its so fun. We played with some of or english class members and were all just having a blast. Ok and just so all of you know skyping for Christmas will probably be happening in the morning for you guys. Im not sure when but anytime from 8 to 11 I will probably be calling. For sure next week Ill let you know.

Im really thankful I am out here, that I can be doing this work. I know this to be the work of God and that it will go forth no matter what. Im greatful that we can focus more on Christ this time of the year, and all the wonderful things he has done for us! Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Lowis


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