November 24, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 60

Hey Family and Friends!
So guess what..? I have bad news for all of you, well not really but I only have a tiny bit of time to email because I am flying to Zagreb today to get a different companion! Fun huh? That kinda means i cant email you all this week.. sorry. So pretty much I will stay in podgorica this transfer and have a different companion but the first week, well till Thanksgiving, I will be in Zagreb.
K gotta be fast but overall the week was great and it rained A TON, the streets literally flooded and me and my comp were jumping in and out of puddles trying to stay as dry as possible. I think the worst it got was us walking in the street with water half way up my shin.. so it was a wet day.
Then probably my favorite thing of the day was an activity at night that was for the Westwoods, kinda like there good bye party for all of the humanitarian people they met. There were tons of people that came, I haven't seen so many people in the church and it was great! There was food and friends and we all had a great time but my favorite thing of it all was meeting this new family. They are a family that knows the westwoods, but they all know english because they lived in America for a while and then had to come back. There kids were the cutest and they all knew english so well and we made a deal that we would play soccer with them some weekend and I honestly cant wait for that. They were like ages 14, 11, and 8 and I didn't want them to leave at all. But overall it was the sweetest night.
So on Sunday we got to see something sweet happen. One of the members here who I have never seen come to church came this week!!! He hadn't been to church in at least 8 months and he came to say goodbye to the Westwoods at their party and I talked with him a little and he said, you know I probably should come to church this week, what time does it start? And would you believe it, he came and had a good experience at church and it was so happy for us to see him there.
But basically that was all for this week, sorry this email has to be short, but it the best I can do... :(
Buttt love you all, have a fantastic week and hopefully I can get you all a better email!
Elder Lowis


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