November 17, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 59

Hey Hey Everyone!

So this week wasn't as eventful as the last one.. Sorry. But it was still a good week for us and everything is going well. Its kinda crazy because the transfer is almost ending, well it is ending this week and three people in the district are going home. The senior couple, my favorite people in the world are heading back home this week, and one of the elders is also going back home so there is a lot of change happening around here. But its good and fun and we are loving it.
This week.. hmm I'll get the annoying out of the way first ha. So I have to get a visa here and its really hard. But this week was a good learning moment for me. As we went to the police station we got turned down and told to sit down for like 10 minutes which turned into about an hour of sitting. See now throughout my mission I really cant remember a lot of times where i got mad, its great but really its kinda hard to get really mad out here. But this was one moment were i was mad, I could tell I was mad, I could tell the spirit didn't want that for me and I thought why am I mad. Like is it worth it to waste time being mad? And it wasn't, so after about half an hour of me just not being happy I half smiled and laughed a little and realized it was just a funny moment that all this was happening and the rest of the day was great. No i still dont have a visa but Im pretty positive this next week will be the week to get that :) hopefully. But moral of the story, just laugh and be happy.
Um this week we also had a great english class too! And we had a lot of people come, like 4 new people and it was sweet. We were playing games at the end like always and it was just getting so intense because there were lots of people. And after that we were able to talk to the one couple and teach them a little bit and set up for future english classes to teach them more so that was sweet.
Um probably the last cool thing that happened this week was the lunch we had with the gang we call them. We were in charge this time and we made chilli and cornbread and man was it good. Me and Elder Hixon were in charge of the chilli because lets be honest, chilli is best made in Arizona, and the two other elders were in charge of the cornbread and honey butter. Ahh it was so good and they liked it all, the chilli was different for them but good, and they couldnt get over how good the honey butter was. Its just so fun to have different foods with different people and see there reactions. After that we taught a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. It was great and they had tons of questions, like they just didnt stop asking and finally we had to be like alright alright next time we can talk more about this because it was just taking a long time. But the best part after that, was the girl was talking with me and my companion and about languages and she just offered to help and teach us more serbian! She was like you teach me english, so I can teach you our language for a little after class. It was just soo cool because we are becoming such good friends with them and we are just both helping each other out.
Um other than that, nothing else really happened. This week just rained a ton, probably 4 days or something so it was a little dreary. It's hard for me to imagine people being used to so much rain haha. Anyways church was great yesterday, one elder gave like his farewell talk before he goes home next week and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That third lesson that we get to teach is great, it states exactly what the gospel is and how we can live by it so that we can be happy and return to live with our loved ones and most importantly, our Father in Heaven. Im glad that I get to learn about this as Im teaching so that I can say I do know what the Gospel is. I love it, and am so thatnkful for it. Love you all too, have wonderful week and talk to you all next week!
Elder Lowis


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