November 10, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 58

Well to be honest, I had this whole sweet email written out for all of you and I tried to copy it but hit paste and then undo and somehow it didnt save and it is gone.. So im pretty much really sad now, and I dont know if I can write it all out now. But I write up a little something and I cant promise any personal emails noww so sorry but hopefully everything with be ok.

So everything will be shorter but wenesday was a fun and busy day for me and my companion! But we were able to go to sremska in serbia this week and have a return and report meeting. It was pretty cool because I had been to the other two areas, Novi sad and beograd, but I had never walked the streets of sremska. So that was a good new experience for me and I loved it. The meeting itself was great, we got to practice teaching and see a lot of people and of course hear from the Grants. That has to be one of the best parts or highlights of the meeting, I just love hearing what they have to say! But it was busy, we flew to belgrade drove there and then did it the same night back and it was pretty busy but great.

The next day was just great too! The senior couple here is a humanitarian senior couple and sometimes we get to help with service projects and this was one of the days we got to help! This time we were going to be making hygine kits for some group of kids here that are not well off and dont have access to the stuff we were giving like toothbrushes, towells, soap, and a ton of stuff like that. We had a sweet assembly line going and it went pretty good. But the whole time I was there it was great because I was able to talk with one of the red cross workers about our church. He was way funny and always would call me brandon the legend haha. But I taught him a lot about the church since we were there for a long time. It was a little sad when he said he just wasn't ready to change, that he didn't know if he would be able to do that now. It was alright though, he was left with some gospel principles, and definitely a positive outlook one the church here in Podgorica. Also another lady came and was like a boss or something and I got to talking with her for a little bit and invited her to church this sunday. She was hesitant but then I got her to promise me she would come. Overall the projekt was a success and we got out 300 kits to red cross to deliver out. It was really fun!
Also that night we were able to go to this little humanitarian concert and talk with more of the people that work with the westwoods. It was definitely fun to see dances and music from the montenegrin culture ha.

Alright on to saturday. So this was an awesome day too! We have these three english class students that are way cool and we talked them into making us lunch on saturday if we paid for it and they agreed. So we were able to have lunch with them and then teach them a lesson after. It was sweet too because we said that we would switch off who would make the lunches and now we have appointments like everyweek with them. They really are great, probably like my three favorite people in the county ha.

Alright last day, so on sunday I got to give the talk for sacrament meeting. I have really come to like preparing talks, not giving, haha but preparing and learning about the subject. The week I was able to talk about sacrifice. I thought about that, why we have to, what blessing we get and so on. But ultimately it came down to us being commanded to sacrifice, but its only for our good, our faiths grows, we recieve blessings from obedience and all that. I thought about abraham and issac and how I really can't comprehend or image that circumstance he was put in. And of course I thought of our Savior, who sacrificed more for us than we know and can ever repay. Oh how grateful I am for that and how I love learning more about it. It truly is amazing. The sunday was great, that lady from red cross came and even brought a friend!

But I think that is all for now, Im going to save this before I do something wrong but I love you all and hope a good week for you as well!
Elder Lowis


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