November 3, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 57

Ahh wow where do I start this week?? This was a great week, full of great experiences for me that hopefully I won't forget any of them to share with all of you!

So first of all, we got to have zone conference and one of the area presidents came and that was so cool! We had both the bosnian zone and the serbian zone together so there was a good amount of people and it was a great day to hear from Elder Dyches and his wife. They talked a lot about Preach my Gospel and he that really is the only way we can do missionary work, that if we use and follow that, there is no way we can't be successful. It was way good, I did miss Belgrade ha and learned that i really should be reading that more.

Anddd..Happy Halloween to everyone, little late but better then never! So halloween here was soo sweet! You know I thought that since like no one celebrates that over here it would just be a normal day but was I wrong ha. So it was Friday and we usually have activities every friday and so this friday we decided to just make it halloween for everyone that came! So we went and got some pumpkins and explained what we were going to do to everyone and it was such a blast! We had 5 awesome pumpkins carved and some good old halloween feelings for the night. It was seriously so fun and we were talking to 3 of the english students that are friends and we told them that they have to make us some montenegrin food and they said ok and we told them while they make it we will teach them the gospel so that should be fun ha.

Also later that night i got to give a baptismal interview to srdjan is his name and it was really a cool experience for both of us I feel. Usually I just thought that it would be like ask these questions and hope he says yes or answers them good and then give him the go for baptism. But it was really a spiritual time, a time for teaching, and really a good time for both of us to feel the spirit. At the end of the interview I invited him to share his testimony and he was like I don't know if I can..I got a little worried but then he said something that was just wonderful, and that was something to the effect of I dont know how to say in words what I want to say, I don't know how to explain my feelings in words only that I have felt the spirit. I was very happy to hear that that was the reason he was hesitant to bear his testimony and then I was able to do the same and it was really a great experience!

Well the following day was great! There was a baptism here in podgorica, in the freezing river! The other elders baptised and confirmed him but asked if I could still get in the water to witness it. So I was lucky enough to be there to hear and watch that wonderful time for srdjan. I really was quite the day, getting in the cold water, coming out cold and getting wrapped with towels and driving back to the church. These days are days that I wish I could just play on repeat, they are the days that just make everything worth it, all the bad days get washed away and everyone is just so happy. The only sad thing is that I only have about a year more to live it, don't get me wrong I have my whole life ahead of me to serve the lord, but full time like this unfortunately doesn't last.

The rest of the day was a little sketchy.. There is going to be a gay parade for all the gays here in montenegro and I have heard that they get a little out of hand. We got word that saturday night and sunday we aren't allowed to be outside so that was really boring. Sometimes I think that just finding people all day is hard, but after sitting all day on sunday I decided that I hate doing nothing that its really just boring. But sunday there were the most cops I have seen on my mission just lining the streets and they were all dressed up with shields, just like the riot cops and so it was pretty crazy I guess.

Anyways, another of my favorite days of the week was sunday this week. We had about a 40 minute sacrament meeting and it was fast and testimony and it was really meaningful. Srdjan bore such a strong testimony, and he did it perfectly it was definitely the highlight of the day. The other testimonies were incredibly strong and I had no doubt that the spirit was in that room with us right in those 40 minutes. It incredible to think that in that short time of testimonies the spirit could be so strong. But it CAN! And thats is really what we should want everyday, to have the spirit to strive with us and that we wouldn't do anything to drive it away. Its hard i know that but as we follow the way that has been shown we can have that, we won't always feel it, but it will always be with us. I am so thankful for that.

Well I think that that is all for the day, wow my time is getting low, and im going to try and send some pictures so sorry if I dont get back to all of you, know that I still love you alllllll! Have a good week!
Elder Lowis


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