October 27, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 56

Hey Everyone!

So this week was alright, not as exciting as I wish it could have been but it was still good just like every week! This week it rained a TON and started to really get cold.. The winter is definitely coming on over here and its great.

Anyways at the beginning of the week I had to get a visa.. This work is kinda annoying but its something that has to be done so we can be legal and finally after all the work and a lot of walking in the rain, I will be a happy Montenegrin Visa holder :) ha. So that was definitely a success and lot of hardship but it is all over now and I dont have to worry about that.

Also this week, we found a lot. Its not always the most exciting thing to do but it has to be done and it can be fun and I learn a ton when we do that. We just get to talk to lots of people everyday and it fun to just talk to people about whatever, life, problems and the gospel. It kinda thinks me remember how when we were young if we ever had to call something or like a store or idk we would, well I would always be scared and that just sounds funny now! We talk to so many people and talk to random people and go in there houses sometimes and its normal now. But thats just cool for me.

We also went trakting a lot last night and it was pretty cool, we had a couple good expirences and it makes trakting fun. At the end of the night, my companion was like i didnt ever think that i would say this, but trakting was actually a little fun tonight! Anyways, we met two way cool people that we will be able to see in a couple weeks, just because they are busy right now. But one guy let us in his house, he was just alone but hada small family and one of his daughters lives in America and so we were able to talk alot about that with him and he gave us some homemade juice! Ha that is the thing here, its like you knock on the door and if they offer you juice then you know they are cool and that you can teach them a little, even if they say no at the door. So we talked with him about the bom and he said that about a year ago he talked with some other elders like us and he just doesnt want to talk about religion but we did and he invited us over for more juice sometime so we got the in now. Also we met this younger college student girl that knew english and had some great concerns that we were talking about at her doorstep. We were there for like 15 minutes or something just at the door asking and answering some of her questions and it was so fun. She was just interested but was definitely a tough person and what not but at the end she said we can talk more after her exams so those were some sweet experiences for us.

Other than that the rest of the week was a little boring, I don't know if Im allowed to say the as a missionary haha, but it was fun. We walked around the city and learned some new places we had never been too. Pretty soon it will have to be time to pull out the other pair of new shoes but, I think Ill see if I can get though the winter with these ones and then I'll send a picture home of them or something. But sorry this one is short, hopefully next week can be better!

Elder Lowis


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