October 13, 2014


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Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 54 - Happy Birthday Elder Lowis

Brandon Scott Lowis
1:40 AM (8 hours ago)

to me
Soo i was definitely thinking about putting up a good quote from general conference, yes I have watched the whole conference ha, and then I read the subject line and someone stole it.. So thanks Elder Waite for stealing that quote but anyways here it is. "Although I may not be my brother's keeper, I am my brother's brother." Elder Holland. That was a good talk, they all really were and I have tons of other quotes I like but that one was just cool! Maybe sometimes we can't be our brothers keeper, but we can always be a brother no matter what and thats one thing i want for my brothers and many others wherever I go!

Ok so HI everyone! This week was pretty good actually it was really good even though it was really hard and a little boring at sometimes. So to start off the week, and nothing better than to start it off with my birthday. Man having a birthday in the field is way different but its soo good too! I pretty much just really wanted to have a good fun day and so in order to do that we worked and worked and worked some more and guess what?! It was a great day! We got some new investigators, the other elders surprised me with french toast for dinner and we had a super fun english class. Ha we totally taught the class how to sing happy birthday and then they sang it to me and it was funny, and the best. And then going home there was this huge concert right by the pradoslav temple next to my apartment. Like literally half of the city was there, there were so many people and we might have stopped by to listen to some serbian gospel music ha. It went till like 11 at night and we could here it perfectly from laying in bed so that was nice to go to sleep to.

On Wednesday we had to make a border hop for this legal work and we went to bosnia, another 4 hour round trip and took some sweet pictures next to all the mountains. Really these places do have some crazy sights and the mountains oohhh are amazing. But that was basically all that happened, we tried to go out finding but weren't too successful that night but its alright!!

Then nothing better to have troubles on Thursday when I was one year older and able to handle it all haha. So after making the border hop we tried to go get the legal work, a white card that says we have residence here, done since we had re entered the country. We have been trying to get white cards here, for like 2 weeks now and haven't been able to do that because the police are.. not allowing it right now. But its ok, we got it figured out, are getting a lawyer to come with us and we have to go to albania.. ya thats out of the mission boundaries but its way closer than the bosnian one and president got permission to do that. So hopefully that gets all done this next time because its just taking a lot of time out of the days and Im not such a fan of that. After that we decided to go to lunch together and from the police station to the place we were going to eat was maybe like maybe 800 meters and we probably got the most negativity walking down that road. It was the best start to the day but it really made me think and I came to the conclusion that i love the people here too much to ever really be mad at them and that how it has to be. The rest of the day was great thought, we had a lesson after english with one of our new students who is 17 and she was pretty interested and wanted to learn so we are still working with her!

The rest of the week was fun filled with finding and what not. But it has definitely been a good week and I learned a lot and love it. This week, actually these last two months have been faith packed and learning about it is wonderful. One of the quotes I love about it is simple, "faith requires work." Our faith cant grow unless we want it to, or make it grow. How much faith did we exercise today?? Without work, or us really trying to strengthen our faith, our faith will be dead or dormant just like it says in the bible. this is just SO important, I know that and I know that when we try to strengthen that, when we do hard things we normally cant, and when we study and apply what we learn about faith then that is when our faith can grow.

Um I think that is basically all for this week.. Have a fun week and until later!

Elder Lowis


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