October 6, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week 53 - Back in Podgorica

Brandon Scott Lowis
3:11 AM (15 hours ago)

to me
Well today I get to experience the last day of being a teenager.. Wow that is so weird. I didn't even really think about the birthday, or anything like i knew it was coming up but with all these emails then I really remembered haha. And Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! Everyone!

Anyways this week was a pretty good week, a week of alot of meeting and sometimes those can be a little boring but these weren't boring at all! Of course since it was general conference and then the other one, zone conference. First off, i didn't even know till right before I started watching general conference that some of them would be speaking in there native languages, and man do I think that is cool. It just is going to help everyone know, no its not just an american church that that it is the whole world haha, its just great because sometimes or a lot I hear, you have your american church and we have our Montenegrin church and its dumb but ya. So that was sweet to see. I still haven't been able to watch all, and I heard the priesthood sessoin was great so probably I will just watch that for pday, but saturday afternoon session was AMAZING!! Wow that seriously blew me away. Holland, that guy with the sweet name like jorg klebingan something and callister just gave some amazing talks. I just want to watch them all again!

This week we also had the zone conference. It was in belgrade and man i realized how much I really do miss that place. It felt just like home and it was so great to walk the streets a little bit before the conference started. But the conference itself was great, we have been talking alot about faith this conference and the last one and man its a tough subject to learn about because I feel like i get it down alright and then keep learning and learning so ya. But I love it and faith is something that we have to have to succeed.

This week we also had some success with our english class, we started up a beginners class thinking that we might get a couple people to come like 3 or 4 and the first week we got more than we have in the other classes by far! It was great and of course the first class we were teaching some good doctrine and getting some book of mormons handed out. It was pretty funny to because the last class the elders teaching the advanced class were like lets just share this paper, which was the core beliefs of our chruch, kinda kiddingly and I was like, do it!! Well they had one student show up that day and they did it, the kid said he would read the paper and they got an appointment with him after!! It was just so cool, and we have been getting some more students hear and there so thats a plus.

Last of all, this week we were able to meet up with one of the members here and he is doing pretty good. It was fun teaching him and he is a good guy he really just doesn't have a testimony. He is definitely responsive but he just doesnt want to do anything, to read the scriptures, or to come to church. Its great working with him, little by little, and hopefully with time he will gain a testimony, strengthen his faith, that is what I love seeing with people!!

But ya I think that is all for the week, thanks for the emails and birthday wishes again, have a good week and think about general conference!! Dont just forget it till it comes out with the ensign, start improving now! Love you all, have a great week and talk to you later!
Love Elder Lowis


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