September 1, 2014


Podgorica Capital of Montenegro


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue,

Week - 48 Slow But Having Fun

Hey Everyone!

Well this week was another good week to be a missionary, but then again its always a good week to be a missionary. Sadly the work is going a long pretty slow and Im sorry I dont have any crazy cool conversion stories, or adventure stories for the week :( maybe you could take a break on praying for my saftey.. hahah just kiddingg!!

But last monday for P day was pretty cool. We were able to go to a mountain, a very famous mountain called Lovcen. It was so pretty and high, we were like in the clouds at times and it was just wayy to cool. We even went to the side of the mountain where like no people or tourists were and sang a song about lovcen. Its called amerika nema lovcen and that just means America doesnt have lovcen but it was funny and we took a video of it. Anyways that was just a fun thing that happened of P day.

So also this week we had an interesting lesson with one of our investigators.. this investigator had a baptismal date right when I got here and then he just decided to prolong the date until basically we didn't have one for him. He called us up thought and wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon with us because he said he had been reading from it. So we met up and were able to talk with him about how he feels and pretty much found out that he doesnt think that we need the bom. He was like totally changed and said nope the bible is all I need, the bom is a nice book for building spirit but it can not be true, there is no evidence of it. And of course those were some nice concers that we would have been happy to solve right then and there but he didnt want to hear it. I remember thinking that right now in this lesson that it wouldnt be right to just prove him wrong or show him scriptures to tell him we are right. We talked a little, why he felt like that and decided to just still be friends and all so that when the time came and he was ready to accept what we wanted to teach him then we still had the chance. It was kinda a bummer lesson but I did learn how to listen to him even when I didn't want to, when he wasnt even making sense and I felt good about how it all turned out in the end. But hopefully one day he will be more open, willing to change.

Also this week we had the opportunity to be interviewed by some tv network here in podgorica!.. Like what? I didn't think that i would ever be on tv haha. But it was great, they sent us a list of like 10 questions that they would like to hear the answers to and then put on tv. So I got to be there with us four missionaries and the senior couple hear and got to answer two of there questions. It was way fun and the people there were so legit and we were able to talk to them about the gospel a little and that was way cool. But ya that was someting pretty exciting that happened this week. Other than that, nothing else has really happened, still having a good ol time in podgorica.

Think thats all for today.. Love you all and have a good productive week!

Elder Lowis


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