July 28, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 43 Transfer to Podgorica Montenegro

Holllyyy Moly I am in Podgorica Montenegro!!!!

So this email might be shorter because we dont have a lot of time anyways and I'll probably try to get back to most of the people i missed last week. But anyways Ill tell yall a little about the week and then I gotta go.

Well tuesday i happily arrived in the wonderful podgorica after a short maybe 40 or so minute flight. It was so nice to be able to get a flight though instead of like overnight train or something. Anyways i got my new companion, his name is elder Nielson from Utah and he is way cool. Missionary work is always the best when you are with someone you enjoy working with. You work and you have fun and thats always great!

So then we went to our apartment, elder nielson and I have a brand new apartment and area over here so its like starting all over again.. But the city is small enough to not be confusing so its all good.

This week was a lot of finding though because there isnt a lot of investigators and so we get to go find them. So we went tracting and contacting and got some potentials from that. We also met with an exmember who is about 23 and just didnt want to be on the records of the church. His name is emir but he is pretty cool. We got to talk a lot about work and being honest because he always prays to get lots of money. He got kicked out of his house so he is by himself and always just wants money hah.. but we talked with him about getting a job and trying to do stuff but he just doesnt really want to do anything about it. But we will see with him, he came to church after sacrament though so that was nice.

Oh ya I got to go to the police station and get my white card which allows me to stay there legally for 90 days before i get a visa.. That was soo hard haha. We had to go back like 3 times to get in and they gave the other elder that came with me his white card on wednesday but then told me I couldnt till thursday and youre suppoed to have it within like 24 hours of entering the country.. So that was really annoying but I got it fine and Its all good. Sometimes its really funny how corrupted the police and stuff are here.

But that is really all for this week, Podgorica is beautiful, there is a nice river that goes right by where i live and this place is more of what i thought europe would look like. Really green and Mountanous.. Oh ya this city is pretty much surrounded by mountains like utah and some of the city goes up the mountains. Its soo nice. And i might be going to a beach this transfer... :) haha Ill try and get some pictures later next week but hope all is going well Ill talk to you all next week!! Have fun and love you all
Elder Lowis


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