July 21, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 42 Leaving Belgrade

Hey Hey Everyone well Ill be straight up with you all, I probably wont have time to get any personal emails out today but next week I will try and catch up so sorry but I got lots to do!!

Well first Transfers came, and It was CRAZYYYY hahah Ill tell you all more about that later but for now about the week.

So most importantly about this week, There were baptisms here in Belgrade!!! It was such a great experience to see this family progress and come to accept the gospel in there lives. So this week I was able to go teach them and then on saturday they were baptised! The Rajicovic family of five and 4 of them are now baptised!! I can remember as the service was going just how good I felt. I remember thinking to myself, like I just wish I could pause this time for like ten minutes and just enjoy the moment. The baptisms of the boys and the mother and father went great and they all fit just so perfectly in the branch that its incredible! The following sunday of course was there confirmations and that was just amazing. check, the whole sacrament was wonderful. First we had our african member bless the sacrament, and less active that I have never seen pass the sacrament since i was here pass, and the confirmations. It was probably the best sunday I could have ever asked for before I left. Also though it was the hardest sunday for me too.. I just absolutely hate goodbyes now and Kinda just want to get out before anything else happens. The branch president set aside time for me to go up and bear a short testimony before I go and that was definitely good. It honestly feels kinda like leaving home again but that the life of the missionary and I know that it will be just fine where Im going.

Ok quick story too from sunday. So Elder Hixon and I went on a little split to teach some members we both knew for a long time before we left. We are both leaving by the way. So we went over, at some weird food and talked with them and it was a little crazy with their kids but it still went good. Thats not the point though.. After we were walking home we got on the the subject of sometimes how annoying proselyting clothes are, and how sometimes we just get rejected because of wearing them. I told him a couple days ago I tried to contact a kid skateboarding and he had headphones in and i stopped him and he looked me up and down saw my clothes and tag and automatically said no before I could say anything. Now little side note, I have definitely figured out the lord hears everything we say and has good sense of humor too. But about ten seconds after that little talk, some guy says hey boys stop.. I saw your clothes and tag, and figured you were missionaries and want to ask some questions to you about your church... We talked good for about 5 minutes and got his number for the missionaries still staying here.. Ironic huh. I got my answer in the quickest time at night, while I was complaining and understand now. But It was a great little expirience for me and another testimony to me that the Lord does here my concers and complaints as well.

Alright now for the Transfers.... Im going to podgorica, montenegro!!!! Haha there is 2 missnioaries in that country and i am going to go there to make 4 missionaries there now! The work is growing and Im so excited to be a part of it. so this week I will be getting a plane out a belgrade and flying to good ole montenegro. Well I dont have a lot more time left, I love you all and hope everything is going well!!

Elder Lowis


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