July 14, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 41 A Good Week

Ok well this week was a decent week for me! So lets begin ha

First, after emails last pday we went to a place called the ada.. Its like basically a little island that is used only for fun hahah. No but really there are like every sport feild/ court possible well for the summer ha and they have like a little tiny beach. And when I say beach just imagine like saguaro lake and the beach there haha not like no cali beach. But It was sweet because we were able to play basketball with some members and we had a picnic there. I was just a lovely little outing.

Well also this week I was able to have an exhcange with the one and only Elder Scirkovich!! He has been out a long time and is almost finishing but is seriously like the best example to me!! So it was probably one of the coolest exchanges too. We didn't have a lot of time to work in the afternoon so when night rolled around it was time to bust booty. We first went and visited a member who had just recently been baptised and his wife. And usually they just love talking to us and it gets to the point where we have to be like k we gotta go but we also have to teach you before we go. This time was great though because we went there and talked a little bit and then were able to teach like right away. We taught more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused a lot about Faith. It was really a good lesson and before we were about to leave they were like wait... We have some questions for you. And they like way opened up and were asking questions about Toma getting the Melhizedekovo (i cant remember how to spell it right in english so there you go in serbian haha) priesthood and about going to the temple and it was just wonderful! We were able to talk a little bit about that but now we know exactly what we will be teaching next time we go! But ya that overall was a great lesson and start to the night. So after that we decided to go contact a referal that we got from that american dancing group that came a week ago. They lived with some serbians for a couple days while they were there so it was sweet to get a referal because i think that is the first one i have gotten on my mission ha. So we went there and of course no one was there.. It was kinda far out and so we were like well we might as well trakt here. So thats just what we did and it was wonderful. A father of a couple kids let us in and we were able to talk to him. He just wanted to be nice and a good serb so we talked a little and tried to teach him but he wasnt really liking that... :( and so we talked a little more and he offered us the serbain specialtly alcoholic drink and we said no of course but he insisted we drink it and did like the whole time we were there.. Then he proceeded to tell us to stop volunteering and and do something with our lives.. It was really a great visit! But that was about all for that night and the great exchange!1

Also this week I was able to teach the rajicovic family that have a baptismal date for the 19 of july!! Ahh they are so golden! They serioulsy are so ready for baptism and that makes me just so happy!! The saturday right before the transfer ends! So that will be exciting to see and I just love baptisms like crazy talk about the happiest you have ever been times 10 and thats how you feel!

Last thing for this week, on sunday, the singing time sister was gone this week and so my companion and I got to conduct singing time! It was the best but I do have to admit it was a little hard with only 4 kids, two of them being serbian haha. But I got to sing both english and serbian primary songs and that was just a very happy moment for me!

Well that pretty much sums up the best events of the week.. Transfers are coming up this week so that could possibly be interesting ha Love you all and keep up the good work that you all do!

Elder Lowis

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Kerry Lowis says:
So very proud of Elder Lowis!!!
on July 14, 2014

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