June 30, 2014


Belgrade, Serbia


Elder Odiorne, Elder Spargue

Week - 39

Alright time for the big email.. well it wont be too big this week gotta go play basketball with a couple member and investigators!! I will be fun and hopefully I remember how to play ha.

So basically this week was all about englsih and that was really all we focused on. We got to get a good class going so hopefully that works out good. But it was pretty cool I got to go in a lot of colleges this week and im not even kidding they look like harry potter colleges haha except the moving staircases so that was sweet. And one of the colleges we talked to the deam and he like hooked us up with website stuff we could get onto and ya it was great.

Oh ya also we went to a library to advertise and we were asking about the flyers and stuff and the lady in charge of the internet place was just like hey are you the too that have that special book or something?? And we figured out that she got a book a couple years ago and then lost contact with the church, but now she said she would come to church and hopefully we see here and start teaching her. But that was definitely a blessing while we were out just trying to get flyers out and ya!!

Ok another quick story before I have to go.. So we were out trakting and it was around 8 so we had only an hour of trakting to do. But the first door we knocked was the best haha. This lady opened and was just so nice.. we talked for like 45 minutes at her doorway and just chummed it up way good. And throughout the conversation she said we need to learn about the bible and then gave us a new testament so that was a pluss!!!

And President Rowe leaves tomorrow... :(((((

K well gotta go sorry if I dont get anyones other emails I will hopefully have more time next week!! And next week will be great and busy so it will be a better email :)
Love you all and hope its going great!
Elder Lowis

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Kerry Lowis says:
Sorry if some of you have not received this email. I am resending it.
on July 1, 2014

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