December 17, 2016


Bruck an der Mur - Austria


Elder Wilkerson

Last District Meeting

Dear Missionaries and Families,

Change is always a bit of a challenge and so it is in the mission field. You just get really comfortable with the people you are working with and then transrers come--so it was today. We met together for the last time before Elders Wilkerson and Hunter travel to serve in Switzerland. We will miss them, they were both very good missionaries and we had grown to love them both. So today, we hugged them both (I take grandmother's privileges) and sent them on their way. We pray for their safety and well being and really will welcome the new Elders with open hearts and arms.

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of our last district meeting. The Sisters blessed us all by wearing their Christmas dirndels which they both are so charming in--however, they find they can't eat as much as they might like to because they are laced in so tightly.

I, personallly, have been very impressed by the gratitude and appreciation your children have shown us. Always, they have expressed appreciation for meals I have fixed for them. They all treat us with the upmost respect and we are deeply touched by that. You have all done a good job raising your children.

May you have a wonderful Christmas Season,

I will also include a couple of pictures from last evenining's home evening activity.

Sister Kinghorn


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