November 28, 2016

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Erin Muhlestein

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Dearest Elder M…

First off I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We received the email from Sister Kinghorn with the pics of your feast so it looks as if you did. We were so grateful to the Kinghorns for preparing that meal and for allowing you to have that time together as a district to celebrate such a great holiday. It was fun to see some of the investigators as well. We missed having you here…but seeing your smiling face was such a tender mercy! We loved it! We would love to hear all about that day and hopefully see some more pics…hint hint.

It was also so great to get the email regarding Ali’s baptism…how exciting for your district leader and his companion! It is a wonderful thing to see people accept the gospel and change their lives. I am sure you had a wonderful experience being there for that special day…if you get the chance let us know how that went and maybe a little about this man and his family.

So how is everything else going this week? We know you will be travelling to Vienna for interviews with the president…I assume that it will be zone conference as well? You are becoming quite the world traveler over there…you will see much of Austria at the rate you are going. We know we will probably not hear from you until later in the week which is always such a bummer…but at least this time we had a heads up from the Kinghorns so we did not freak outJ I hope you have a wonderful time learning and spending time with all the other missionaries. I have heard so many great things about your mission president so I am sure it will be very uplifting and a memorable experience for you. Once again, we hope to hear all about your adventures and the special times you are having…oh how I remember those days!!!

How is your investigator family coming? I bet this will be a great time to share the new Christmas message from the church and all that the holiday really means. It is always amazing how people soften during the holidays and open their hearts even for just a short time. I loved Christmas in Europe as it was so different than here in the States. I hope you will get to see some of the wonderful traditions from that part of the world and maybe even be invited to members’ homes to share a bit in their traditions. You will for sure have to take lots of pictures for us to see. We pray for your investigators each day and hope they will continue down the path to baptism. There are people ready we know it and God will surely guide you.

Are you eating properly and getting the rest you need? You know I will ask every once in a while, just to make sure you are taking care of yourself! Hopefully you have everything you need…let us know if you are not able to get something over there. I still have to figure out the thing…I have looked on the site but have to make sure I order correctly and if we can have it shipped directly to you or if it has to go to the mission office first. I’m hoping to get you a keyboard and another SD card so you do not have to switch them back and forth…hoping that will make taking pictures a bit easier and you’ll take more of them! Maybe a haircut soon would be a good thing too?!?

Well we had our first Sunday as the “new” HG ward and it was pretty good…there was hardly anyone there! I am sure with the holiday we were missing quite a few, but the ward is for sure way smaller. It was a little weird as I loved all those Elliott Groves people, but I know in time it will become more normal. We are excited to see all the new leadership in the ward which should happen next Sunday. I am ready to jump in and serve and help the new additions feel welcome.

We spent this weekend getting all the Christmas stuff up…only thing left is to buy and decorate the tree. I have attached some fun pics of the decorations. I missed getting a pic of dad on the very top of the roof…luckily, we made it again without him falling offJ He did have a little uninvited helper when he was putting up the lights on the porch (see pic) which I promptly put in the freezer for a “cool down” after all his hard work! Seriously it is freezing here now they should be long underground…poor choice on its part. Although it will be a bit more meager Christmas in terms of gifts I am so excited to be able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with the family and do all the fun things we love to do. We will just be spending time together…which is the very best gift of all for me. Dad will have like a week and a half off between Christmas and New Year’s so it will be awesome to have him fully dedicated to spending time with the family. It is truly going to be great…except for the fact you won’t be here. But we could not be more thankful for where you are and what you will be doing! And we totally look forward to that Skype call…I seriously cannot wait!!!!

We are also practicing all the Christmas songs now in choir and they are awesome. We lost a lot of people which is a huge bummer…but we gained a few new and actually sounded great today. I will hopefully get a recording of the Christmas program I can download for you to hear…I’ll work on that. As always Sis Taylor has picked some challenging songs…but they will be amazing!

Everything is going really well. I am starting a gratitude journal and will be focusing on something I am thankful for each day and why. I need to spend more time focusing on all the amazing blessings I have and expressing my gratitude for them daily. I guess when you let the worldly things get in the way you start to not see all that is good in your life…and I have so much good. So that will be my new thing every day when I get up to pray and read in the morning…I will also write in my journal.

This Wednesday Trystan will be finishing his eagle project as we will have all the scouts come over for pizza and donuts and drinks and then have the lady in charge of the organization give the why behind the project. We will also be delivering the remaining cards to the Gilbert PD and have them talk to the boys a little as well. I am so excited to get this project done! Trystan will then have to just do his final write up and hopefully in February be able to have his eagle board. We are so close…hallelujah!!!!

I would love to go on with more but I know how hard it is for you to read everything and then to respond to everything. You know me I could write a book each time. I just love writing to you and then hearing back…although I am going to have to really get used to the shorter emails.

I sure hope you are doing well with your companion and with the work. I know you are where you are supposed to be and the Lord is so very happy with the work you are doing. My goal is to put forth more effort in doing my own missionary work. We have been praying for more missionary opportunities and I really want to make it a focus of our family. This is a great time of year to do it as well. I will keep you posted on our progress. I have still been doing TONS of family history work and am finding lots of names…it’s kind of crazy actually. I really am becoming and addict…I may need to go to a support group here soon!!!

Well son know I love and cherish you so much. You are such an inspiration to me and to so many here. People ask about you all the time and we love being missionary parents! Give yourself a big hug and know I pray for you each day! You are the my Boom!

With lots of love,


P.S. Hopefully all the pics come through…I know dad is sending the Thanksgiving ones.


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