November 27, 2016

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Corbin M

Amazing Weather


Time just seems to fly by. It's amazing that you've already been out this long. I've seen the pictures of your Thanksgiving dinner and hope you had a fun time, I know we did. Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and it is getting very exciting. Everyone is finally putting up there lights including us. The weather is also cooling down which is a miracle of its own. It is actually enjoyable to go outside. I'm super jealous that you get snow and wish that it would snow here but we both know that won't happen. I hope all is well over in Austria and that your having success teaching the people. I also got to see the pictures of you at the baptism and can't wait to see you baptizing people. I know that you will see your testimony strengthen as you continue to teach and as you continue through your mission. I know that you are on the path to greatness and that the lord has a plan for you. In Sunday school we talked about growing our faith and staying strong in the church and I know that as you continue to follow what the Lord has set out for you that you will see your testimony grow and you will have a stronger faith and belief in the church. I love you and miss you a lot and can't wait to talk to you at Christmas.

Corbin Muhlestein


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