November 5, 2016

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Marc Muhlestein


Elder B, 

I have a very heavy heart tonight and am missing you and your happy positive attitude.  I want you to know that I love you and am so excited for your upcoming week and the opportunity you finally have to head over to Germany.  I can only think about what your thoughts are and may be. I am sure you are pretty anxious and excited to go.  Know that I love you and that the Lord is aware of you and your love for Him and will comfort and bless you in this next phase of your mission. You will do great and we are behind you and praying for you. 
Also, I wanted to you to know that I interviewed with GoDaddy today and I felt it went really well. I am very nervous about getting a call for a follow on interview.  They will make that decision by Tuesday afternoon and I should hear back by then.  Thank goodness I have the weekend of Fast Sunday to Fast and Pray about this. I am very nervous. I would really like to have this job and it would be what our family needs right now.  

I don't want to trouble you with what I am going through here at home, but only want to ask one thing. Will you add this to your fast this Sunday as well?  Would you please pray for me?  I feel your prayers and know you are much closer to our Father in Heaven than I am right now.  He hears your prayers.  I know He can hear mine too, but sometimes I have to ask for Him to help my unbelief as well.  

Anyways... I don't want you to worry about us.  Just know that we are soooo very excited for you to go to Germany. What a dream this must be for you!  Please take lots of pictures. We really want to see what you see and what you are doing. I love you Brandon!!!! Please know that!!!  Talk to you later. 



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