October 17, 2017


Vienna - Austria


Elder Fewou

I've picked up my smoking addiction again...

Liebe Freunde und Familie:

So this week has been a good week overall! Actually the last two weeks because I couldn't get an email sent out. Sorry about that... hehe

Being back in Austria has taught me one thing; people smoke way too much. Oh my word at how many people I see on the street with a cigarette in their mouths. I swear, all you can smell in the air is the smoke of someone's cigarette. I honestly feel like I might get cancer because of it!! Ridiculous! I never really thought that smoking was something that everybody did, mainly because people around where we live back home don't smoke a lot. I never really saw people on the street smoking. Yea it came up a bit, but not nearly to the level that I see here. Literally, every third person isn't smoking!! What the hay!!!
Yea, so if I don't come back from my mission because I died of lung cancer, you will know where I got it from. 😉 😅

So as I am sure you all have seen already (because you are all technology obsessed 😉) I am now on Facebook. Our mission received it as a way of preaching the gospel, and that is its only purpose. I will not be in contact with anyone outside the mission with Facebook, sorry. However you are all welcome to to follow me and be uplifted by my missionary spirit. 😁 Please stick to using this email as a way of communicating with me. I love to hear from you.

So yea... Today Elder Fewou and I attended a Catholic mass, followed by a wonderful children's choir. They did a wonderful job and it was really interesting. The best part was that it was in the majestic, historic Stephan's Dome right in the heart of Vienna! How much cooler can life get? 😂 It was an interesting experience, and not something that I will forget. Nothing personal though, but I like MOTAB better 😉 #diehardmormon

Otherwise, this week has honestly been pretty slow. Sorry about not writing last week. I ran out of time. Hopefully you all aren't too mad. Be happy instead! That is always more fun. 😁 

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!

Liebe Grüße:
Elder Mühlestein 

Picture 1: The Sisters in my District. The Zone Leaders ran off somewhere...
Picture 2: A store that just sells American candy and sweets, because otherwise Europeans can't partake of the manna of Heaven... 😉 
Picture 3: The American store is located in the largest shopping center in all of Europe.
Picture 4: Casual grafiti... Not sure if there is supposed to be a message here or something.
Picture 5: Elder Fewou helping to move salt bags...
Picture 6: Me lifting the same salt bags... 😉 😅
Picture 7: Relief Society Clothes exchange is a great place to find new clothes. #whoneedsDI


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