August 28, 2017


Spanish Town


Elder Morris

I Really Like Bag Juice

I love you Mom! This was a great week. We have gotten to teach the plan of salvation so much. It’s true! I really love teaching the plan of salvation. Yesterday we taught Tanisha for the first time. She had a friend die two weeks ago. She is just looking for answers. We met her because we checked her neighbor who we teach but she wasn’t there, so I asked Tanisha for some water. She was really nice and gave us cold water. We got to know her as we drank. We came by on Sunday and had a nice lesson. We are going to see her tomorrow.
We played a whole heap of basketball on Saturday. We carried this kid home that played barefoot and basically skinned his feet. We have had the opportunity to give a bunch of priesthood blessings this week which is an answer to my prayers.
I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal lately, and bag juice. I really like bag juice. My allergies are a staying better. This morning was really fun and we got to share the message of Christ with many people. We talked to a guy who said he was a prophet. He was speedily rebuked.
I think it’s funny the girls have to go back to school, haha. I don’t even remember what school is. Make sure my dogs are staying healthy.


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